• Long time, great session

    Had not had a session on over a week. New job, holidays, no alone time just kind of drained the energy out of me. So tired and busy prostate didn’t even begin to whisper for attention.

    Had some time to myself today and got out the Progasm. Took about thirty minutes for things to start getting good. but took off from there. After a little over seventy-five minutes things began to slow down. Decided it was time to stop.

    Took a nap for what turned out to be forty-five minutes. Feeling recharged and having a little more alone time I got the Progasm out again. Popped it in and in about thirty seconds, WHAM! Got real good real fast and heavy for twenty minutes until the phone rang. My alone time was coming to an end. Tomorrow is another day!

    Amazing how sensations change. O’s today felt different from previous sessions. They also just built on their own and exploded without me trying to hold them back to build intensity. Just letting them happen made them better.

    I wonder what’s next?


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