• Levels of Pleasure (Oct 2018)

    After using Aneros for a few years, I started to have regular orgasms that were hard to define, understand, comprehend and recapture afterwards in my memory. So, one of those times when I found myself in a floating orgasmic state I tried to put these different level orgasms (both physical and mental) into a pyramid of sorts, or a circle of pleasure (the orgasms re-circle), so I can remember and build on it later.

    This is what I came up with:

    Level 1: Relaxation
    Level 2: Noise Elimination
    Level 3: Auto Contractions
    Level 4: Prostate P-Waves
    Level 5: Dry-O
    Level 6: Floating, Loss of Direction
    Level 7: Whole Body Waves
    Level 8: Mental-Orgasm
    Level 9: Loss of Time and Space
    Level 10: Physical Super Orgasm
    Level 11: Mental Super Orgasm
    Level 12: Complete Out of Body Experience

    The last level for me (Level 12) is the feeing of ultimate trance, almost godlike. Close to heaven if such ever existed. Pleasure is fully in my mind, it is unbelievable, and I have no sense of physical body.

    Level X: Combined Level 10 and Level 11 Super Os at the same time – this is the the most stimulating type of orgasm. It activates all physical and mental outlets. Only had it a few times. I think it requires to keep up the physical contractions whilst allowing thyself to drift into trance.

    It is hard to define this well as I haven’t had a session for a while sadly. At the time of having these feelings I came up with more complex, more beautiful definitions that I cannot remember. Maybe there aren’t words for them yet in any language known to humans.

    Progressing from levels 1 to 12 is my ultimate single session, and it happens every 5 sessions or even less often. If I have access to weed, it helps to get there almost every time. Not always. I also only have a session about once a month. So it is rare for me to go beyond level 4. Most often I go from 1 to 4. Sometimes 1-8. Rarely 1 to 12.

    Level X is great, but it might have been a red herring. So I don’t count on it happening again (at the time of writing it didn’t, later, it did!)

    Give in, let go and surrender is good advice. I am not the one to confidently define what to do, as I am rarely successful beyond my Level 8, and sometimes only Level 4. It seems the right amount of arousal (not too much), the setting, the breathing, the relaxation, maybe even music or sound can help jump easier from one level to the other.

    What worked for me before: -Relax your whole body first – this will help later
    -Take your time, don’t rush and don’t stress
    -Device is not important, try anerosless
    -Learn to ‘dive deeper’ mentally
    -Give in, let go, surrender

    To ‘dive deeper’ mentally, you can imagine falling deeper into the bedding, losing control, giving up, floating out, but don’t force it. Allow your mind to do it seemlessly, naturally, almost like falling asleep.

    Cheat codes that worked for some people sometimes: loosing muscle control (exhaustion by strong contractions) that later contributes to greater relaxation and not feeling the device at all, KSMO, binaural beats, hypnosis, quiet music, cannabis, even sleep deprivation.

    The key, I am starting to think, is to enjoy and be grateful for each session, rather than aim for something and then be dissapointed. After all, even at levels 1-4 – it is still pretty fun. Better than a lot of material things in life, when put into perspective.

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