• Lessons learned

    Since my last blog post, I've had 3 more Aneros sessions. The first two were somewhat disappointing, but ended up providing me with valuable lessons that will help me going forward. The 3rd session, well……
    The 1st of these sessions was with the Vice. I did the usual warmups and played around with various contractions with the vibrator off. I'm at an odd point in my Aneros life with the vibrator-less sessions. I can feel my prostate harden and everything else that leads up to an orgasm, but I don't get the intense pleasurable feelings i do with the vibrator turned on. I am guessing that is because the Aneros is pressing against the prostate, but not really rubbing against it. It could also be that I'm trying to compare apples and oranges and that I need to keep the sensations I feel with the vibrator on separate than the feeling without it on.
    After about an hour of this, I turned the vibrator on to Light-Steady. Did my usual routine of slowly increasing my contraction until I find a 'spot' and hold it there for a while. In this case, I found that 'spot' very quickly with a low strength contraction. If felt much different than the super orgasm (not ready to call it a Super-O yet) i experienced the previous session. I felt the sensations centered in the anus as opposed to the prostate. It still felt very pleasurable and I left it there for quite some time. However, I wanted to feel the same thing I felt in the last session, so I decided to end that and increase the vibration. That ended up being a big mistake. I didn't feel anything but very small orgasms the rest of the session, with both Medium and Strong vibration sessions. And when I tried to bring the vibration down to Light-Steady to find what I found earlier, I was unable to.
    The 2nd session, I also used the Vice. I did the usual warmups, but didn't do any non-vibrator work. I turned the vibrator on right away, again trying to look for the feelings I had two sessions earlier. The session itself was pleasant enough and would have been enjoyable had I not increased my expectations so much. So it ended up being a disappointment to me.
    Taking some time afterwards to reflect on these last two sessions, I forced myself to critically assess what I was doing wrong. The most obvious mistake I was making was setting my expectations too high. Instead of taking each session for what it was worth, I kept expecting every session to be an improvement over the last. That really isn't realistic, not just with the Aneros, but life in general. Had I simply enjoyed each session on it's own, I would have considered both of these last two sessions successful, especially the first one as I was experiencing something I hadn't previously. Instead, I had decided it was either 'super orgasm' or bust, and I ended up busting out (in my mind, at least).
    The second conclusion I came to wasn't really a mistake, but just a reevaluation of what path I wanted to go in. The Vice feels marvelous with the vibrator on, but I really think that I would be best served long-term to at least spend some time each session without an active vibrator. Not only do I feel it 'wakes up' the prostate prior to turning the vibrator on, but it also serves my long term goal to be able to achieve similar results without a vibrator. At the same time, I can't deny what I feel with the vibrator turned on. So I really need to make sure I set enough time each session to play around with the vibrator off (or with a non-vibrating Aneros).
    Which brought me to my 3rd revelation…the Helix Syn isn't cutting it for me. As much as I try to give it a chance, it simply isn't doing the job. At first, I was getting much more pleasant P-Waves with it over the Vice, but now the Vice has caught up, even with the vibrator turned off. Otherwise, the Vice is superior to the Helix in every way…at least to me. I did have one more thing to try with it, but I am pretty close to shelving it for the time being.
    For my 3rd session, I decided to give the Helix Syn one last try…in an overnight sleep session. I had read several posts in the forums about folks falling asleep with the Helix (Syn) inserted and were awoken several hours later to some very pleasurable feelings. At least one person commented that he can't do this on a regular basis as he would never get enough sleep. So i figured I would give this a shot. Inserted the Helix Syn at around 10:30p and laid down to go to sleep.
    Thanks to my nosy cat, I woke up around 3:15am. I felt only a very mild tingle in my butt and not much else. Since I was awake and the Helix was already inserted, I played around with some contractions. Unfortunately, I was getting nowhere with it. I wasn't sleepy any longer, I decided to switch to the Vice and see what happens.
    Did the usual warmups, though they were much shorter this time since I was already partially warmed up from the smaller Helix. Started without the vibrator and did that for about 45 minutes. No real improvement from previous vibrator-less sessions. Switched one the vibrator to Light-Steady. Felt nice and on the edge of some small orgasms, but never crossing over. Switched it to Medium-Steady, but it didn't feel right. It occurred to me that the battery might need replacing, so I did an in-place battery swap (actually not terribly difficult) and turned the vibrator back on to Light-Steady. It was considerably stronger than the previous Light-Steady and my body reacted nearly immediately. I felt a strong orgasm come on and laid still to enjoy it and let it pass. But it didn't pass…it stayed and get stronger. All of a sudden, my prostate exploded in a massive orgasm. I felt my penis get hard and tingling over much of my body, including my head and shoulders. After about a minute, it passed and I took some time to recover. Kept the vibrator on Light-Steady for about 15 min more and experienced some more pleasurable feelings, though not as strong as earlier.
    Moved the vibrator to Medium-Steady and did the usual 'search for the spot' routine. End result was several medium strength orgasms and again, one massive orgasm. After about 45 minutes, I set the vibrator to Strong-Steady and did more 'spot' searching. For the first 10 min or so, I got some small orgasms and other pleasurable feelings. I increased the contraction strength and got to a point where I was getting continual (every 30 seconds or so) medium strength orgasms. This continued for about 5 minutes before exploding into yet another massive prostate orgasm.
    I continued to play around with different strength contractions looking for more 'spots'. Was well rewarded for my efforts with orgasms of various strengths, though none of the massive type. I decided it was time to finish, so I reached behind me for my box of tissues (my finishing method of choice) while the vibrator was still going. I took out several tissues and prepared them for the deed. Just as I was about to use them, I started to feel another prostate orgasm come on. I decided to wait until it passed before finishing and I'm glad I did. What started as a medium strength prostate orgasm quickly developed into a massive orgasm. Just as it passed, I felt it come on again…another massive orgasm, stronger than the previous. It did it again a 3rd time, this time MUCH stronger than the previous. This one I WILL call a Super-O…I felt it all over my body. From my head to my feet, and I had to remember to breath else I would have passed out. I accidentally brushed my penis and I almost ejaculated on the spot. After a minute or 2, it passed and I relaxed a bit in my bed. But the Vice didn't…it presented me with two more massive orgasms (not quite as strong as the Super-O) before finally settling down with some light to medium orgasms. About 30 minutes after I intended to, I finished with the strongest Super-T I have ever experienced and ended the session. My penis was so sensitive that I had to very slowly massage it to get it hard enough to use the tissues before ejaculating.
    I think I can now definitively say I've had a Super-O…probably several of them. But it really doesn't matter what you label them…they feel absolutely incredible regardless. But I now have to erase this session from my memory in future sessions. There is no guarantee that every session will be as wonderful as this one and I have to remind myself to simply enjoy every session for what it is. Enjoy the small pleasures as much as the big pleasures.

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