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    I rode the MGX all night and woke up periodically for mini orgasms and went back to sleep. Whilst I was in the bathtub this morning for my usual 1-2 hour soak and chatting with the guys about less sessions, I began to have one. But that wasn't unexpected. What was unexpected was I started to feel the same warmth radiating from the area of my heart that usually I feel coming from my loins! I was feeling particularly relaxed and really enjoying the company at the time. It felt like the onset of an emotion except different, no tears or shivers. Just a warm glow flowing from my heart through the rest of my body. I didn't believe it at first, I thought I was just feeling an emotion. I'm feeling it right now as I write. It reminds me of when I felt love but this was more general, like love of everything. now I'm getting a similar sensation of warmth from my head! what's going on? I haven't seen anyone describing this.
    perhaps it's because I've been starved for men's attention for so long and now I'm basking in it. perhaps I'm in a high place looking down and feeling good about what I see. The warmth is now filling me. Maybe it's just that the orgasmic feelings are climbing up me and I'm not used to it. I don't know.
    Later that same day…
    I went back to that same place with my eupho syn to be sure I wasn't imagining anything and continue exploring. I found that feeling of love was continuous with the orgasmic feelings coming from my heart. I could go back and forth from one to the other and feel both at the same time. This is real! Perhaps it's more real than a lot of other crap that I encounter. And the loving warmth is connected with a sense of hopefulness. My life isn't perfect, a lot of things are difficult for me, but when I can stay hopeful, trusting that life will give me what I need even if not what I want, then I'll feel the warmth coming from my heart. That's what unites us here, I think; a sense of shared hopefulness, an anticipation of mutual bliss that dwarfs the character flaws we struggle with. It's a wonderful thing.

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