• Learning to enjoy the Feeldoe More

    Hello People,
    This is a duplicate of what I posted in the pegging thread (post #62) here.
    But I wanted it documented in my blog for easy referencing. And also in case the pegging thread ever disappears because it is too old.
    Hello Folks,
    So just recently I started experimenting with using and practicing with my Feeldoe More again after a long hiatus. And I am happy to say that so far, I have had two very pleasurable sessions with it, and I'm no longer unhappy with this purchase. It very much appears that there is a practice to being penetrated with a dildo just as there is with using Aneros prostate massager's in terms of getting used to it, being comfortable with it, and finding pleasure in the practice.
    Both times I started with an Aneros session using my Helix. And initially the first time was craving something larger in me anally. What I did differently, was to gently take my time slowly working just the head of the Feeldoe More barely in and out of me. As the issue for me was comfortably getting it past the inner anal sphincter muscle. So rather than just try and slowly push it in all in one go, I would push it in up to the inner anal sphincter muscle and gently press and/or rub the head all around inside by rocking the pony end all around, pull out and try again. Just this act alone was quite pleasurable after just a few tries. Something happened where it went from, “Eh, it doesn't do much for me.” To “Oh my god! This feels amazingly good!” And from there I would just keep repeating this and pressing just a little harder against my inner anal sphincter muscle each time while trying to understand what I needed to do to consciously relax that muscle. When I would experience discomfort as it would stretch open. I would pull it completely out and slowly try again. It took me quite some time to actually get the More completely in me. But it was like foreplay. Very pleasurable, and very teasing at the same time. So that by the time the head finally slipped past my inner anal sphincter muscle, it was an extremely pleasurable sensation with no pain when it did! Weeeeeeeee!!!
    There seems to be a similar observation of all the subtle internal sensations that being penetrated creates much like having an Aneros session. And as I practiced I realized that using the bullet vibrator in the More interfered with feeling those sensations. There are so many different points of pleasure I found. From the sensations on my inner anal sphincter muscle, to the pressure against my prostate, to the movement of the head going going back and forth within me. And today I also discovered that twisting the More within me creates a very pleasurable and teasing/itch like sensation on my inner anal sphincter muscles. I enjoyed that very much. And it reminded me of two different threads here that I can't find to reference. One was a recent one where a man who it turns out is not an Aneros user, described the pleasurable sensations and I think dry orgasms he gets from being penetrated with a dildo. The other is an older one where a user talked about something similar, except he used a crystal wand toy to explore all the different pleasurable areas in his anus and rectum.
    On top of all this is the wonderful prostate sensations created from a number of techniques. One is pulling the pony end back a bit to put pressure on my prostate. Another is gently shaking the More in and out in very small amounts quite quickly. Kind of like manual vibration. And the other is, for a lack of a better word, fucking myself with it. And the wonderful sensations both prostate and anal that come from having to completely relax all those anal and rectal muscles to allow it to move freely in and out of me. Wow!!! This is going to be a lot of fun to continue to explore. And I'm glad I tried it again and have the sense to practice and get comfortable with this toy before actually using it in a pegging session. Which I totally can't wait to do at this point!
    As far as positions go. What worked best for me was laying on my left side with both legs equally pulled up like in a sitting position. This position seemed to allow me to relax the most, but also allowed easier access to somewhat comfortably reach the pony end of the Feeldoe More to manipulate it. Ideally in a pegging session I'd like to be on my back so the woman and I can be face to face. But I'm not sure how feasible and practical this will be. But it may be entirely different circumstances when I'm not the one that has to manipulate the More. It was harder to both relax and comfortably grasp the pony end in this position and when on hands and knees. Hopefully I can practice being comfortable in other positions so as to allow some flexibility in positions so to speak. It's interesting that even though there is prostate massage happening from being penetrated, the pleasure sensations feel different than what the Aneros does. So it's a real nice change of pace to feel something different.
    At this point I highly recommend that Aneros users practice penetrating themselves anally with a dildo of some sort as an additional different practice. Although I don't think you necessarily need as large a model as the Feeldoe More. Particularly since Aneros sessions strengthen the anal muscles. So a slimmer model may work just as well, but I can't confirm that not having a slimmer dildo at this point.
    That's all I can think of for now. Feel free launch any questions if you have any.

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