• Kegeling and diddling while wearing my BIKE CUP in Aless! May 12 session.

    Hi guys,

    I wore a BIKE CUP Supporter unit, no. 85, men’s medium, to bed last night just after 10 p.m., my usual bedtime. Summertime weather is making its gradual appearance here. It was 92 on Thursday, low 80’s yesterday, and today it is supposed to be 93 for a high. However last night, I slept with the A/C turned off and the windows slightly open. I woke up at 2 a.m. this morning feeling slightly sweaty wearing my BIKE CUP and jock. I listened to the BBC for a while, but fell asleep and slept some more till 4 a.m. when I listened to the BBC until 5 o’clock. I decided to get up and prepare for a session. The BIKE CUP Supporter unit became an instant hit among athletes, mostly baseball players. The BIKE CUP has an innovative contoured shape with a rather thick polyethylene foam gasket. It’s accompanying supporter has polyester fabric. The combination not only contains an athlete’s “junk” but is very comfortable to wear.

    I enjoy diddling my nipples while wearing the jock and cup while in bed in the still of the night. Doing all this at night is very much a pacifier. Of course, these activities are powerful foreplay in themselves. Because of all this, I was really horned for my session!

    For this morning’s session, I used in order the following models: Helix Classic, MGX, Maximus, and Progasm ICE.

    The Helix Classic is performed well this morning. I even had a Super-O working with Helix Classic. But it is the MGX that really shone. I discovered some months ago that MGX hugs and embraces my prostate. What I discovered for sure on Thursday is not only to hug and embrace MGX but also endeavor to go all the way this tool, first in a tug-of-war, and then second, in active Kegeling. Wow, this hug causes the MGX to feel real good. I then try to enter the zone of Aneros pleasure, and voila, I experience a Super-O! It may a brief one or one lasting a minute or two! I have used this technique on all my Aneros “fuck” tools. New exciting chapters in my Aneros journey are happening!

    Also having picturesque Aneros and sexual arousal imagery is also indeed powerful, such as @goldenboy’s “Climbing the Mount of Sexual Arousal”. Of course, this imagery is derived from male and female sexual arousal. For males, certainly as they enter into adolescence and beyond into adulthood, they discover as they climb this mountain in the pursuit of sexual pleasure found in masturbation and sexual intercourse, all males arrive on a plateau near the summit, where they experience the delights of ejaculatory orgasm. Experienced guys learn to hold off from a precipitous premature ejaculatory orgasm. They learn to discipline themselves from crossing threshold of the PONR, the Point-of-No-Return. Seasoned masturbators call this discipline edging or surfing the PONR. They will carry this discipline into coitus especially. But disciplined and seasoned Anerosers will carry all this much further.

    There is another potent image that one can ponder while having an Aneros session. It is called Aneros points-of-inflection. It occurs when a guy is experiencing Aneros flights of pleasure or even trajectories of pleasure. In the calculus, when sketching curves of equations, you finds through calculus the minimus and maximum points-of-inflection. Experienced Anerosers will try to enter into maximum, even minimum, points-of-inflection. By doing this, they may trigger Super-O’s, even MMO’s! Oh yeah!

    I have composed this blog entry while wearing my BIKE CUP Supporter unit and Kegeling and diddling in Aless. This activity is filled to the brim with pleasure and bliss I hope to do this for the rest of the day. Take care!


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      05/12/2018at4:43 pm

      Hello D C

      You and Goldenboy need to write a maximum orgasmic pleasure “how to” for guys. Maybe you could do your own website and profit from it somehow. You and he are in another world of orgasmic bliss that to me seems not only physical, but emotional and spiritual. Is this what Abraham discovered to rewire his body at 100 years old. Whatever happened to him was miraculous as he had many many children after Sarahs death……….and his body was dead prior to that.

      I enjoy reading yours and Goldenboys blogs daily. Keep posting.


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