• July 4 Aneros session : Amazing Aless following

    Hi guys,

    This morning in the 7 o’clock hour I had a leisurely Aneros session first with Maximus Classic and then with Helix Syn Classic. Maximus Classic worked me over for about 30 minutes. I laid on my customary position on my bed, prompted up on pillows, my butt on a couple seat cushions which were covered on a towel. This how I conducted my session from the beginning in early June 2012 until March of this year when I switched to the standing position. I must say that Maximus plowed my bunghole so contently.

    Then after cleansing Maximus in my bathroom, I switched over Helix Syn in the standing position for about ten minutes. The standing position gives me direct penetration of my prostate. Hence this position gives me shorter, yet satisfying sessions, about twenty minutes.

    Invariably now post session, I have powerful yet sweet Aless as though my Aneros model(s) are still inserted, still plowing away, for the rest of the day.

    Take care!

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