• July 4, 2018 session : many happy returns

    Hi guys,

    It always wonderful to have an Aneros session on the Fourth of July. That is when my apartment building is perfectly quiet. No staff or workmen here today. They are away or with their families enjoying our national holiday. I use the expression “many happy returns” because our nation’s birthday needs such well wishes especially now.

    It was on the morning of July 4, 2015 that I enjoyed my very first Super-O, albeit a mild one. It happened during a period that I was beginning to relax in my sessions and actually enjoy them.

    More than a year later in mid September 2016, I had some major breakthroughs which lead to experiencing Super-0’s, even a few MMO’s. The upward process towards sustainable Aneros power and pleasure continues.

    This morning I had an especially long and relaxing session with Maximus, MGX, and Progasm Ivory. It was very pleasurable and enjoyable.

    I started out with Maximus. Maximus provided me with an auto-fuck that was slow, unhurried, and leisurely. While the auto-fuck was indeed laden with heightened pleasure, it didn’t produce any Super-O’s. What impressed me about this morning’s time with Maximus was that he plowed so deep!

    Maximus may be thick and long in penetration, but he fits my anal canal so well and even “hooks” slightly and so deliciously around my prostate.

    MGX I found some months ago hugs and embraces my prostate so affectionately. He enjoyed so much the quality time I gave him, so much so that he gave me a Super-O this morning!

    I ended this morning’s session with also some quality time with Progasm Ivory. When using Progasm Classic, Progasm ICE, or Progasm Ivory, I like to spend some “communion” time with these buddies off the bat! That Progasm can settle in my anal chute or “sleeve or sheath” all the way. I suppose this is analogous to a woman’s vagina or sheath. (That is the meaning of the Latin word ‘vagina’). It is a terrible shame that I never fucked a woman, because that is what I would do for starters. First “commune” with her before the real fucking begins!

    When I commune with my Progasm buddies, it is always very sweet. Then auto-fuck action begins. Each session with Progasm is always different with the kind of auto-fuck signature I receive. Invariably I come away with abundant pleasure of a well-fucked bunghole!

    After the session, I experienced powerful pleasure which lasted the rest of the day.

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