• Joy & Pain

    Gotta replace the old with some new, so this is a mix of fact & fiction )mostly the latter(. I'll let you figure out which is which.
    Met a guy…broke a ton of my rules giving him a shot. The things I felt for him I hadn't felt in over a decade. He'd already shown me he's a dark man. Said he isnt into "dark arts" mystically, but he's as evil as they come. He lead me to believe I was his friend, that he respected me. At his first convenience he used me. He knew he never wanted to see or speak to me again but that didnt stop him from fucking me repeatedly. I was nothing but a cum receptacle to him. Yet he continues to try and con me into believing he respects me, likes me, and is my friend )or still wants to be that…yea the fuck right(. Last time I checked you dont lie, fuck, and kick friends to the curb…apparently his view on friendship, respect, and just about everything is warped to fit his delusional mindset. He's delusional…and I'm done with him. I've made up my mind I wont sacrifice myself, that doesnt stop the pain though. Sleeping has been in large part replaced by lamenting over my stupidity where he is concerned. This will pass…just wish it was a little faster.
    It's funny how people in various stages of life seem to bond effortlessly. When I least expected it…a man with a bruised heart of his own shows up. He's so kind, always offering me encouragement. His words are far more than touching, they are soothing.
    A little time goes by, I havent talked to the gentle spirit who helped lift mine. Then I run into him. As usual he's chipper. His mood is infectious. I cant help but want to be near him. We talk, he tells me I'm beautiful…I'm so jaded by men I blow it off. We talk of our interests…we're a lot alike actually. Time glides by with him, I invite him back to my home. I must be crazy as I never invite people into my space )outside of very close friends(. However this time I have an overwhelming urge to just spend some quality with him. Just watch a movie, tv, talk, eat, or maybe just be in good company.
    He trails me home on his motorcycle. He looks so damn sexy on that bike…I keep glancing at him in my rear view mirror. He pulls into my driveway right behind me, I motion him to part his bike in the garage. His bike looks great in the newly empty space there. I watch him dismount and fight the images of him scantily dressed and his bike that float through my head. 'Not again…learn from your mistakes you horndog!!!' I think to myself as I get my keys out of my purse. I unlock the door and enter, he's following behind me.
    Once inside, I put down my things and turn to him and say, "I thought maybe we could watch a little TV if thats ok with you? Or whatever you'd like…" "I"m at your mercy." he replies. "Ok come on…this way" I grab his hand )have no idea why just natural i guess( and lead him through the house to the screening room )theater(. I drop his hand and open the double doors, "Nice." I hear him say. "Please sit where you want, make yourself at home…would you like anything to drink?" He sits down at one end of the couch thats in the middle then states, "No, I'm fine at the moment." I notice he didnt sit in any of the recliners, nor did he choose the bed either…I wont read anything into that. "Well just let me know if you need anything." He smiles and nods. I sit down next to him, not too close, grab the remote flip through to see whats on. I'm not really paying attention to whats on the screen, my mind is on him. After a few mins, I give him the remote, I feel him looking at me. "Watch what you want, you're my guest." I say to him. He smirks while tossing the remote aside simply saying, "I am already." I nearly melted at his flirtatious stare. "I'm thirsty, want anything?" "Beer?" he asks. "Bud Light is all I have…" He winks in agreement, I turn on my heels and try to remember where my kitchen is. He's frying my brain already, I have to hold it together. I grab some water, and his beer, take a few minutes to collect myself, then returned to him. I handed him his beer and sat back down, I noticed he'd found a movie on, "I see you found something, good…lets watch." I say. We watch the movie, and somehow not long into it we end up in each others arms. As the credits roll, my head is on his chest, I can hear his heart beating, this feels so perfect. He feels divine. I look up at him, our eyes meet. I get that 'oh shit he's gonna kiss me' feeling surprisingly I dont move away. He gives me the softest sweetest kiss I've had in a very long time, the feelings it evokes from me brings tears to my eyes. I break the kiss and sit up on the couch.
    He sees my tears and immediately asks, "Are you ok, did I go too far…I'm sorry, I shouldn't have…its just…" I stop him, "Its not you. Look, the last time i was intimate with someone it ended horribly for me. I just needed somebody to be gentle with me, I was in a fragile place. I just wanted him to cherish me and treat me with respect, he ended up just using me. So instead of him helping me feel better, he made me feel almost infinitely worse. I just wanted to feel beautiful, sexy, desirable, just normal. I would have settled for normal, yet he made me feel exactly the opposite of all of those things. If thats what you plan to do here, I'm not open to that. I'll be honest and let you know, I can handle anymore deception, I'm not stupid, I understand sexual desire. However, if this is some ploy to lure me in and I never hear from you again, just let me know what I'm getting into. If all you want is a one nighter let me know. I hate being lied to, I hate being used." "I'm not here to use you, I kissed you because I wanted to know exactly how sweet you were. Now that my suspicions are confirmed, I just want to make sure that you are ok, and understand that the guy who treated you that way is the king of assholes. We dont have to go any further than you are comfortable with. I wont disappear, I wont use you, I'm not out to just score, you're fun to be around…and yes if given the chance I would sleep with you. If I were to get that lucky that is, I'd be respectful of your emotions and past hurt." His blunt honesty and the look in his eyes made me feel secure with him. Before I knew it I was launching myself at him kissing him like my life depended on it. I have no idea what came over me except the need to have his lips fused with mine. His lips are so warm and soft, he tastes amazingly sweet. He's an awesome kisser, thorough, gentle, but assertive. We make out until we are breathless.
    We sit there speechless for a few minutes. He grabs my hand and kisses it, "That was nice." I nod in agreement, still at a loss for words. I'm so turned on I can feel the wetness between my thighs soaking my panties. My nipples are so hard they hurt. I have this overwhelming urge to rip his clothes right off his body. I just sit their as calmly as possible, I dont want to scare him senseless, I want to fuck him senseless. I have to get these notions out of my head…I cant let my horniness take over me, not again. He's still holding my hand when he stands and leads me over to the bed at the back of the room. We stand beside it staring into each others eyes. I dont know why but
    wordlessly and effortlessly I pull the covers back and slid between the sheets. He joins me, I noticed he brought the remote. He snuggles up close to me, puts his free arm around me pulling me a little closer and finds another movie to watch. It feels so good to relax with him, my head resting on his chest. I can hear him breathing and his heart beating…I must have gotten really comfortable because I fell asleep at some point.
    When I wake up its dark, but I can faintly feel his breath on my face…he's looking at me. I smile, "What are you doing?" "You feel asleep, I was waiting for you to wake up so I could ask you something." he simply states. "What is it?" I ask. "What you said earlier has me thinking, could you maybe use some…pampering?" he asks kind of hesitantly. I'm not sure what he has in mind, but I trust him. "Yea, I think so, go ahead." I murmur. I feel his hand brush across my breast…my nipples harden instantly. He lifts my shirt, I lean up to help him get it over my head. He traces the edge of my bra with his fingers kissing my skin, it feels heavenly. I sigh and close my eyes, I just want to feel him…with my eyes closed my sense of touch is heightened. With all of my focus on what he doing to me, I feel him unclasp the front of my bra freeing my breasts. He cups them with his warm soft hands gently circling my nipples with his thumbs. I can feel those tingling sensations traveling from my nipples down my stomach to my clit. I'm writhing beneath his touch. His fingers trail down my belly to the button of my pants. He undoes it, unzips the fly and slips his hands inside cupping my mons from outside my panties. I know his fingertips feel my wetness thats soaked through my undies. "Excited are we?" he asks…I can tell he is smirking at me. I dont say anything, he slides his hands inside my panties caressing my clit with one of his fingertips. I find myself opening my legs more to give him unhindered access to my goods. He dips his finger into my wet cavern. A moan escapes my lips. I think I might be i over my head.
    He shifts so that he can rid me of my pants and panties. Once that is done, his hands are once again on my breast. I feel him envelope on of my nipples into his warm lips. The tingling starts again, he alternates between nipples. When the air caresses the wet nipple he's just left behind, the cold sensation feels wonderful. The thought of his mouth being there and now on my other nipple is so erotic. I anticipate what he will do next, even though I really have no idea. Soon his hands are moving down my body stopping at my hips, his lips follow the same path his hands took more or less. The next thing I know he's licking my labia slowly teasing me. I can feel my clit getting more erect and peeking from between my lips. It almost felt like it was reaching out for some needed attention from his hot wet tongue. Finally I get reprieve when he slides his tongue between my labia encircling my clit a few times. Sounds escape my lips…but I'm not sure what they are…I'm not completely coherent. He thoroughly licks every part of my pussy sending me into a frenzy. His fingers are massaging my inner thighs, then he grabs my ass pulling me closer to his mouth. He's going to devour me, and I'm going to let him. He tongues my hole for a few moments, then slips 2 fingers inside. His lips return to my clit sucking it gently, I feel his fingers feeling for my gspot. He knows he's in the right stop when i surrender totally going limp letting him have his way with me with no protest at all. I'm whimpering and moaning, loving every second of it. I can feel my gspot swelling, my clit feels hard as a rock. I know I'm going to have a monumental orgasm at the hands of this man. I cant stop it, nor do I really want to. The last time I had an orgasm it was at the hands of a leech, I'm tired of that memory haunting me. I want a new one to focus on…one with the man who is sucking and manually stimulating me closer and closer to the edge of my sanity. I love what he is doing to me…I feel myself peaking.
    I can feel the waves of pleasure radiating out from my gspot to the rest of my body all the way to my fingers and toes. I feel so hot, so overwhelmed. He speeds up his fingers and sucking motion, I'm going to cum any minute now. He presses hard on my gspot, and flicks his tongue rapidly over my clit. I go off like a bomb. Shuttering and screaming his name, my fingers in his hair, legs wrapped around him. He doesnt stop when I cum, he just eases up on the intensity coaxing me down from my high. Soon I'm laying completely limp and worn out. His lips meet mine in a sizzling kiss. Then he settles into bed next to me wrapping his arms around me pulling my back close to his chest. I can feel his hard cock pressed against my ass…
    I'm a little puzzled, is this it? "Ummm going to sleep?" "Yea unless you want to watch something else but you seam beat." "I just thought…well you'd want me to return the favor." "Tonight was about you…I'm fine I promise." I decide to take him at his word. He's proving to be a generous man. We both drift off into sleep.

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      11/22/2014at10:39 pm

      I loved this. Whether the parts I want to be true are, or are not isn't relevant. That was emotional, arousing, and amazing. Well done!

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