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    Hi guys,

    Getting my very first BIKE CUP Supporter unit, no. 85 at that sporting goods store on Thursday April 10, 1986 was an event that changed my life. I believe that it was one of the best products that the BIKE Athletic Company manufactured for support, protection, and comfort for athletes competing in contact sports, such as baseball. I ordered actually a lot more of this protect for my burgeoning jock and cup collection for the two or three years it was manufactured.

    I wore this jock and cup last night. We have a long stretch of rainy weather the last few days. A couple hours of thunderstorms are scheduled for this afternoon which will usher in a drier stretch of weather. Anyway BIKE CUP Supporter Unit feels like a sock. It is perfect for Kegeling in. I slept like a baby in the early hours before sunrise this morning while it rained cats and dogs outside.

    Actually I discovered that I could wear this cup and jock comfortably to bed the very night in 1986 after purchasing it. The elongated, contoured and banana shape of this athletic cup not only scooped my genitalia, but I fell in love who the bottom edge of this cup covered my perineum and even massaged it. It is interesting that I discovered unconsciously that night the Kegel Exercises.

    Thus this morning when I arose for the day I was horned for an Aneros session. I used this morning the following Aneros tools in this order: Helix Classic, MGX, Maximus and Progasm Classic. This morning I went deep with my Aneros tools. It seemed that they curled around and beyond my prostate. I reveled in the nuanced shape of each tool. However with Maximus and Progasm Classic I Kegeled devotedly while I let them “fuck” my bunghole in a free and natural manner.

    Words cannot describe what I felt during my session this morning and what I feel right now as I compose this blog entry. I am doing all this right now while Kegeling in my BIKE CUP and wearing sweats. It feels so good!

    Anyway my BIKE CUP Supporter unit prepared me for the Kegel Exercises which I began to master in late 2011. The Kegels prepared for the Aneros which I began using in early June 2012. I quickly discovered that the Aneros and the Kegels have a cozy, yet symbiotic relationship, but in the years since then I discovered powerfully sexual touch found in my nipples which I love to diddle. Take care!


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      05/20/2018at8:21 pm

      BigglansDC. I love to read all the blogs and thank you and Goldenboy for being so transparent and faithful to post your experience. You both have started a new culture here at aneros with your leadership on semen retention and cups and jockstraps

      I am asking a favor of you personally. I would like to see a thread on your kegel history and journey and what kegels do to enhance your aneros and Aless pleasure. The kegel factor is foreign to me so far.

      Also I would like to see you start a thread on nipple diddling which states what pleasures you are feeling with nipple diddling. In both threads, attention to technique and arousal and pleasure could be described in detail

      Thanks again for your transparency and for considering my request

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