• It could've Danced all Night

    On Wednesday night, I had a good session with my Helix Syn. With increased number of daily Kegel exercises, my PC and floor muscles are stronger than ever and it helps me conduct my HS like a maestro. The sensations were good but not nearly as good as in my session with my Progasm Ice last night!
    My two hour session started with 20 minutes of do nothing with minimal results and when I started very mild contractions coupled with nipple stimulation, that’s when things started to happen. The P-Ice was dancing, creating very strong P-waves and my sphincter was generating sensations I usually feel with my Helix. I was getting involuntaries, something I had not had in a long time.
    The session was absolutely GREAT and come midnight, it was time to wrap things up but I could’ve dance all night! I hope to repeat this wonderful experience tonight!
    Life is wonderful.


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      10/29/2016at2:44 pm

      @GGringo, good on you, that sounds great! Be a willing dance partner to your gland und you will succeed! Let the walls come tumbling down tonight! And … good vibes!

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      10/29/2016at6:17 pm

      @GGringo, I am glad you had a enjoyable session with Progasm ICE last night and Wednesday night with Helix Syn. I am confident that your daily regimen of the Kegel Exercises will pay you rich dividends sooner before you know it! I still Kegel when I have sessions, but my Kegels are now second nature and with less contraction strength as I did my sessions in early summer 2012. I like very much @SOwithoutAneros’s metaphor of prostate as dance partner. That I believe is the essence of good Aneros sessions.

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