• It came, I didn't. :-)

    It arrived about 2:30. I had decided to run to the drug store and check out other lubricants and get a rectal syringe. I didn't see any lubes that I liked the looks of. I had read in the forums about the problems with glycerin, and they all had it. My Astro Glide is the glycerin free stuff, so I chose to use it.
    I got in the shower, washed and tried to use the syringe. I guess I squirted some warm water inside, but I'm not sure. That was a wash out. I got a towel to put on the bed and lay down as the instructions suggest (on my right side, bottom leg straight, top leg knee pulled up to my chest) lubed up the MGX and pushed it against my anus. At the very beginning it seemed difficult to insert, but I relaxed and pushed it further in and it was fine. No big deal. Immediately a little pre-cum appeared.
    I wanted to follow the instructions, at least to begin with, so I just lay there and breathed. They say to do that for 10 or 15 minutes, but I couldn't resist experimenting with some contractions. I did the kind of contractions I had been doing in my Aneroless meditations. Immediately I was able to "suck" the MGX into me, causing the P-tab to press firmly into my perineum. It was fun moving the MGX in and out. I'm guessing it moved a half an inch, or so. It was perfectly comfortable, but not erotic. I played around with moving it around and seeing what kind of variety I could create in the motion.
    I realized that the MGX made the meditation very different. The things I used to do to get erotic sensations were not doing it. So I stopped the contractions and relaxed and just focused on the sensations. It was all very pleasant. I decided I may as well rest and I may have dozed a bit.
    Eventually I started playing with different kinds of contractions. Again, no particularly erotic sensations, but interesting and enjoyable. There was clearly a lot to learn.
    I tried it on my back with my knees bent and feet on the bed. Definitely not as good as on my side. I tried to adjust the position of the P-tab. Nothing seemed special about any spot. I knew from the forums that I needed to be patient, so I wasn't really disappointed.
    After an hour and a half, or so, I needed to pee. When I came back I tried lying on my left side. I positioned the P-tab and found a spot that definitely had something to say. I also found a different way of contracting that drew the MGX up and pressed the P-tab into that spot. I was having the first, subtle erotic sensations. I had one, solitary involuntary contraction. I saw that the same kind of technique I used in my other meditation applied here. I found a spot that had a certain something and I would contract in a way to put gentle pressure on that spot. Squeezing too hard prevents the involuntary contractions. But if I very gently ramped up the pressure, eventually I felt that little involuntary pulse.
    I continued to play and experiment with various ways of squeezing, pulsing, relaxing, etc. At one point I hit a spot that caused me to jump. I felt it for at most a tenth of a second. It was almost painful, but I realized that it wasn't, it was just very intense and a big surprise.
    After a couple of hours the phone rang. I got up and answered. Once up I considered whether I wanted to have some herb. (This has all been with "unaltered" consciousness.) I decided to save that for another day. (Or maybe later today.) I also considered whether I wanted to view some porn. I decided against that too, at least for today. I sat at my computer to experiment with sitting with the thing in me. I considered masturbating. I touched my penis for the first time, and I realized that I could cum very easily if I chose to continue. Again, I chose to save that for another day.
    I did find walking with the MGX in me had potential of becoming very pleasurable. I paced around checking that out.
    I think that pretty much describes my first experience with the Aneros. I have almost no anal experience, so I feel I am off to a good start. My muscles are in pretty good shape owing to my meditations. As I sit here typing, I can feel a pleasant warmth. It feels pretty good.
    As I consider, I'm glad I wasn't and am not stoned. My wife won't be able to minimize my experience based on that. I think that I want to try having the thing in me quite a lot. I want to try sleeping with it. So my wife is definitely going to know I'm using it. I also think I will be experimenting with lube. When I pulled it out I think it was pretty dry. Not uncomfortable, but if it were better lubed I think it might have moved better.
    More news as it develops.

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