• It came. I came. 8>0

    Well, I loaded with lube, h2o brand, and used astroglide on the helix syn. Inserted, and relaxed. Mmm.
    The sensations are completely different from the peridise I've been enjoying so.
    They are both a voyage; the peridise is a speedboat. Intensity range 10 top, 2 bottom on the waves.
    The helix was a big sailing yacht. The peaks are 9's, the troughs are 7's for the cruise. And I was in a yummy, tranquil, state for two hours, not even counting the peaks. Leting them happen and enjoying them, again, again, again. Until I really felt I was sated, finishing off with a really good wet one. I gotta do this again!
    However; the next morning it felt as though my prostate and butt had been through a really vigorous massage. I want to give it a week's rest before I try this again. It's a real workout; not just skipping over the peaks that I get in the peridise speedboat.
    They both have their place. Oh, My, Yes! Happy Happy Joy Joy!

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      11/07/2013at9:47 pm

      Yes, rest between is sometimes a necessary thing!

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