• It appears to be permanent…

    My ability to get to an anerosless orgasm continues to be phenomenal. Last night, I had an hour-long session that was amazing. The orgasms came pretty easily and stayed at a peak for a long time (one was 10-15 minutes). Sometimes it felt like I'd reached a peak and the intensity would increase beyond this. I ended the session with an ejaculation (the first one since saturday).
    This morning, I had a quickie 15-minute session. The majority of it was one long intense orgasm.
    One piece of advice I've been applying better recently is "breathing into the orgasm". I have a tendency to hold my breath briefly as it peaks. I think continuing to breathe is helping a lot.
    One other thing I've noticed is that recent ejaculation doesn't seem to have any impact on my ability to have dry-o's. Today is a good example of this. I ejaculated about 8 hours prior to my 15 minute session this morning. The orgasms this morning were as awesome as last night's. I will say that an ejaculation does suppress things for a short time (it's not like I can have a dry-o 5 minutes afterwards :-)). But, I don't need days of abstinence to enable dry-o's.

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