• Is it Squirting?

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    Hi to all
    I would like to share my experience with you regarding my last series of aneros-session.
    I started 2 days ago in the evening: was 10 days that I didn't use it and so I decided to awaken my prostate. I did an hour session with sgx and was pleasurable, my cock became semi erect a couple of times, a bit of precum came out: I felt and then slept really well!!!
    So yesterday I decided to try something new, splitting one two hours session in two one hour: The first before lunch, the second after lunch.
    Let me talk about the first: i prepared myself as usual: waterlube inside, thin coat of vaseline on the SGX. I inserted it very, very, very slowly and this time I'm lying on my back, with legs bent and slightly open and feet firmly flat on the bed.
    After a couple of minutes while I breathed deeply, I felt a tingling sensation in my whole lower body, spreading from my pelvic area down to the ankles: This sensation covered me for the whole session while others overlap it.
    The most enjoyable was the uncontrollable shivering of the both legs, started very slowly. I try to relax, to stop them, but was impossible.
    During the session tingling and legs shaking involves my anus to a neverending pumping… and so a neverending p stimulation: so i feel very hot in my belly and a leak of precum and an Orgasm arrived at the end.
    The second one, after lunch, seemed to be linked with the first one. I started as the first, same position. What happend was different: Had some tingling sensation during the whole session but no legs shaking. My anus pumped from the start to the end… uncontrollably. Sometimes, my anus ask for my Aneros deep inside with some very hard contraction, then it released it.
    After half an hour, I turned on my right side, with legs slightly bent near my chest.
    I feel the tingling sensation moving all over my body… and a first small O arrived, and my dick started to emit a stream of precum, slowly very slowly: and it never stopped… I felt just like the urge to pee. But no pee arrived: I stayed in this state for 15 min or more, and the flow and the state of urge was persistent.
    I had my right thigh and a towel covered with pre cum. After 15 minutes the urge to pee rise and my pre cum became more liquid. I tried to smell the liquid and did not seem to be pee. Although it did not smell of pee, that liquid came out very quickly for me to worry about. I thought I was wet all over the bed remained lying and did not want that to happen.
    I tried to stop but did not stop: I took a napkin and I cleaned the thigh and wrapped my penis. I finished the session here… But was… AMAZING !!!!!
    So. Do you think I had my first aneros-squirting-session?

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