• Interesting experiment and results

    I decided to experiment on sunday evening. I started with the Maximus for about 1/2 hour. I then removed it and launched into an anerosless session. I wanted to see how starting with the Maximus would influence what I could do without anything. Well, the Maximus felt pretty good. I was able to have several dry-o's. Nothing too intense but still very pleasurable. What was most interesting is that the anerosless session after I removed the Maximus was quite bland and boring. It was very difficult fo me to generate pleasure. I found this to be a little counter intuitive. I tried for an anerosless session later in the evening with similar results although it was less difficult to crank things up. I was also tired so I gave up after a short time.
    The next morning I had an amazing anerosless session. It ended in the most phenomenal super-t I ever had. I started with about 1/2 hour of porn watching and dry-o's. I then spent about 45 minutes edging and could feel a clear connection between my penis and my prostate. Stroking my penis sent great feelings into my prostate. Every time I squeezed the head, I felt a jolt in my prostate. It was really amazing. After I finally let myself go, it was incredible. I should mention that during this session, I had a tingling in my left nipple that I've never felt before. My nipples are not all that sensitive. I've tried stimulating them in the past and while it's felt kind of good sometimes, it's never done much for me. So, I was very surprised to feel this tingling. I wonder where this will go…
    This morning the pleasure continued. I woke up and decided to ease into an early morning session. I have to say that this was the easiest anerosless session ever. Usually I need to focus my mind to some degree (sexual fantasy, focus on the feelings). This time I was able to really just let things happen. It was a very strange feeling. I was sort of engaged in the experience but at the same time I wasn't. I wanted it to feel good but at the same time I didn't care if it felt good or not. In the past when I took this approach, it seemed like the intensity died down and I lost the good feelings. I don't know if this was a fluke or a trend. We'll see.
    This evening I'm feeling pretty good. I've already had a 45 minute anerosless session which was very pleasant. I had a similar sense of engagement/detachment. I also felt several rushes of feeling in my chest that took my breath away. They were sharp and sudden. I'm very curious how these feelings will develop.

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