• Interesting couple of days

    Yesterday was a pretty good session. Started out with the PS-New and switched to the Progasm after about an hour and a half. Did not quite hit the highs I hit a couple sessions ago but, nothing to complain about. I take what I get and am happy with it.

    Today was a change. Did about thirty minutes with the PS-New before switching to the Progasm. This session I hit some new highs. I’m finding sessions involving more traditional O muscles and O’s getting close to feeling like TO’s. After an hour I had some things to take care of. Got some coffee, sat on the deck a bit, took care of business all this time feeling VERY horny. Finally gave in, got out the oil and rubbed one out. TO’s do NOT feel like they used to. I’m finding I prefer super O’s. Not sure how I feel about this.

    Got up, cleaned up, and took a shower. Still had my Progasm sitting in the sink waiting to be cleaned up. Decided to give it another go. By now it had been an hour since my earlier session. After masturbating I really did not expect much in trying another session. Let me tell you, I hit some highs this second session I’d never hit before. Took about forty minutes to get there. Session was pretty good anyway up to this point. Was going to stop this session at thirty minutes. Glad I kept going! Maybe it was the post-masturbation buzz. Certainly wasn’t semen retention!

    O’s are getting a LOT more prostate focused and, as I said above, more TO muscles are coming into play with some pleasant sensations even into my penis. I’m never hard during a session. I was surprised to have such a powerful session right after masturbating. It was something else. Breathtaking.

    Getting to where every time I think I’ve hit the ceiling, it breaks and there’s a new ceiling. Pee breaks during a session usually lead to a guaranteed mind blower once I’m back on the bed. Progasm is still my favorite. That shiny slick finish makes it move pretty well, at least in me. I really like the size too. Finding the PS-New may be a tad long and it tends to feel like it’s poking me uncomfortably. Helix Trident just doesn’t seem to do it anymore. It can get me to some O’s but not like the PS-new and certainly not like the Progasm. I’ll keep playing with it though.

    Today makes three days in a row. Friday was evening, yesterday was afternoon, today was morning. Morning sessions seem to be best. I’ve got a chance for another evening session tomorrow.



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      12/03/2018at12:30 pm

      @newjoytoy I had a similar feeling from my PS-New when I had it. Felt too long and actually was uncomfortable during sessions. My experience with Helix-Trident is better but it is not yielding consistently good results for me.

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