• In the beginning……

    I've had the Aneros Vice for a few weeks before I starting logging my sessions, so this first entry is simply to summarize my experiences up to that point. So this post covers the time from 2/20/15 )when I received the Aneros Vice( up to 3/15/15.
    The first couple sessions were solely using the Vice to boost traditional orgasms. In that regard it worked exceptionally well, far better than any anal device I had used previously. These sessions were little more than inserting the Vice, turning on the vibrator and having at it. But during each of them, I felt other sensations outside the norm….some quite pleasant sensations. During my research, I had read about the possibility of having P-Waves and Super-Os and the like, but it seemed like too much effort. After all, I just wanted to have a normal orgasm and be done with it. But these 'other' sensations were too intriguing. I basically wasn't even trying to get them, and they happened anyway. So I started to pay more attention to the various guides and wiki articles.
    During the 3rd and 4th sessions, I began by doing the breathing exercises and warm-up contractions. That only lasted for about 20 minutes or so before I turned the vibrator on. But instead of going right to my penis, I let it go for a while. I experimented with some contractions of various strengths and it was quite enjoyable. A couple times I felt some nice 'tickling' sensations that lasted about 15-20 seconds each. After about an hour, I ended the sessions by finishing off and headed to bed. I was still not sold on the whole prostate orgasm thing, but it was enjoyable enough to continue adding it to my routine.
    The next session was the real turning point for me. For this session, I only gave it enough time for the Vice to become comfortable before turning on the vibrator. I then did the warm-up contractions with the vibrator on, which was very enjoyable. After that I started experimenting with different strength contractions and felt some of the same tickling sensations as before. The vibrator was on medium-steady, so I decided to try high-steady. I was getting pretty much the same results for a bit before it stopped. I decided to contract a little stronger and try to hold it for a bit. After about a minute, I felt a strong urge to pee. I had eaten a couple hours before and for a brief moment I though maybe that decision was coming back to haunt me. The thought quickly ended when I the urge to pee suddenly transitioned into…well, an incredibly pleasurable feeling. I could only assume I just had a prostate orgasm and it was absolutely wonderful. I was able to repeat it 3-4 more times, though not nearly as intense as the first. I ended the session in the usual fashion, but now more convinced that there was something to the prostate massage thing.
    The rest of sessions up to 3/15/15 were pretty much me just experimenting with the Vice without the vibrator on for a while, then turning it on and experimenting some more. Then finishing up. I would often get the pleasurable tickling feeling ) I guess I would now refer to them as mini-Os( but not the full prostate orgasm I experienced in my 5th session. I also got the sense that while the Vice was a wonderful vibrating prostate massager, it wasn't nearly as good as a non-vibrating prostate massager )at least for me(. Since I now wanted to more fully explore the non-ejaculatory orgasm path, I decided to pick up one of the other Aneros models. After quite a bit of research, I settled on the Helix Syn. It would be a few more days until it arrived, so the next few entries will be with the Vice once again.

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