• I’m walking, la la la, I’m walking, and bliss occurs, I’m walking …

    This afternoon I leaned forward on my hands positioned on the bathroom sink and focused on my perineum while reading a post of @WhoWouldHaveKnown about focusing on that spot. Standing on one foot I let my other leg sway and be subconsciously steered by some upcoming involuntaries, that caused some nice p-waves. Seemed like my subconsciousness just took the chance to massage my gland that way. Letting go some more consciously uncontrolled movements of my hips, pelvis and legs proved, that my subconsciousness even is an expert with starting a standinggasm this way. Then I’d been executing leg moves like when marching on one spot and the orgasmic state has been continuing. More and more I believe to get insights into the sexual aspects of the dances the indigenous peoples celebrate. After typing this to the forum I started with my marching moves again and could immediately ignite a full body orgasm along with growing to half mast and already shedding a first tear from my right eye. Life has become so wonderful. Oh, yabba dabba doo!
    Btw, not sticking to certain motions but letting go induced the silliest motions fully controlled by my subconsciouness and started a very special kind of gymnastics in my bathroom, giving me pure bliss!
    Cheers, Mart

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