• I'm on no sleep :-)

    I had an interesting and extremely nice anerosless session last night (this morning?). I basically sat and watched TV while intermittently looking at erotic pictures and focusing on my prostate. As before, I was able to "pump" energy into it and hold it there. The feelings were extremely pleasurable. What was new this time was that most times I did this, I got a glorious rush of pleasure that traveled all over my body and made my head spin. I've felt this before but it was very fleeting. Last night, it came more easily and hung around a lot longer than the last time. At one point, I was able to build this up such that I thought I body was going to explode. It was, at the same time, wonderful and overwhelming. All the while, I was getting no discernible contractions of any kind. The pleasure just built up in my prostate and then raced around my body. As I said, in general, I had no contractions. However, a couple of times at the peak of this racing around, I started to get very slight penile contractions. It was like a very light, ejaculation sort of feeling. This didn't stick around too long though.
    What was most interesting is that I found that if I spent maybe 5 minutes building the feelings, then did something else for 5-10 minutes, coming back to it would feel really really good. I spent the three hours doing this. Towards the end, I was spending more time orgasming than watching TV.
    I wouldn't say I had any super-o's but it all felt indescribably awesome. Even so, I did get the sense that there's still something better waiting for me. It feels like I'm on the edge of an explosion but can't quite break through to it. When that happens, I'm probably going to turn into a pile of sobbing mush. 🙂
    When i decided I needed to go to bed, I didn't masturbate like last time. I wanted to see what would happen. Well, I had a bunch of dry-o's while I was dozing. Around 5am, I got up and jerked off. I still tossed and turned in bed. At one point, I had a little mini-dream that someone grabbed my head and shook it. I was awakened by a body tremor. It startled me and immediately stopped. I would have liked to have seen where that lead. Every time I dozed off, my body would tingle.
    As I said, I'm running on no sleep. It was worth it though. 🙂

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      03/17/2010at4:20 pm

      Wow! Neat dream dtmsmith! Perhaps there is some symbolism in it that the Aneros is trying to wake you up to? 😀

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