• Ice is my new best friend

    My Ice buddy came in my office mail yesterday in only 2 days and I was so ready to check it out. I locked the doors after hours and did some overtime before going home. I was blown away and did not want to stop after 2 hours. I know I have found my new best friend. I went home satisfied and ordered the Helix Syn as the Aneros product is so good I wanted to have some variety going down. This morning on the way out the door I kissed my wife good-by and turned around and locked the door and had my first private Ice session that lasted another 2+ hours. Arrived at work late and totally owned by the Ice. This is the perfect toy for me. I feel completed and the sensations are sooo… good. I am not new to anal toys but this is unbelievable. I may retire my dildo as Ice has made a man of me. I have been looking for you Ice my whole life I am glad to of found you and your family of friends. I still can't stop sweating whew…

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