• I went places today I never expected

    Been using these for a little over a month. Bought the Helix Trident first and the Progasm a week later. Had a great experience with the Helix from the start. Bought the Progasm because I thought bigger would be better and it is, in different ways.

    It’s been six days since anything orgasmish, no masturbation, no sex, no Aneros. Been planning this session all week so I’ve read some erotica and listened to some erotica to start getting aroused. Started with the Helix. Took about 30 minutes to really get things going, at 45 minutes the world shook. I knew there was another level to get to from where I was but this was just far beyond what I expected. Like others have described, it was like the instant before a regular TO but it peaked and dropped and peaked and dropped repeatedly over about a minute or two I guess. Each peak held at least the same level of intensity as the previous one.
    Figured, after that, the Progasm would be a good choice. Got up, peed, put the Progasm in. Took a couple minutes but it hit again. Not as good as before but still pretty darn good. Took a while to get to the next one. Things progressed kind of slow. Got up and peed, went back to the Helix. Took a bit but got back to some very intense pleasure waves and SO’s. Not as good as the first round but still pretty good.
    After about 45 minutes I got up and peed (lots of coffee today) put the Progasm back in and WHAM! back to almost max in a few minutes. Didn’t have many of them at that level but they were all still good.
    One thing I’ve learned, whether you have to or not, get up every thirty to forty-five minutes and at least try to pee. I think this kind of gives your prostate a break. I have found after peeing and getting back to it the next wave is usually along pretty quick and pretty intense too. If you cannot pee at all you’re probably dehydrated and need to drink more which from reading the forum is counter-productive.
    Another thing, Helix or Progasm, both work best when I’m lying on my chest with my legs spread about a fourth of the way to maximum. Would rather be on my back but, whatever works.

    The Helix moves more than the Progasm. The Progasm is almost like using brute force. It moves some but the real charm is the constant pressure in puts on my prostate. When it does move it just pushes harder. Also, with it, I find using a push – pull every now and then with the anal muscles provides the best motion. I push out like I’m trying to get it off my prostate then gently pull it back in.

    What a ride.

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