• I want some!

    I need to get to bed and sleep, but my butt wants to play … I'll se what i can come up with without the aneros. I don't really have a couple of hours to bliss out. I'm feeling like I did in high school when I learned to jack off and used every opportunity to do it about three times a day.
    I sent away for my Euphos Syn today.
    After my third session with the Helix, I feel I might be able to make it dance. I think I got to the point of the helix butt-fucking me last night. I haven't had any experience with that since I was in high school and my best friend and I tried it more than 50 years ago to see what sex might feel like; so I can't really say. We didn't have enough lube for it to be fun at all.

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      11/20/2013at8:59 am

      From one senior guy to another, I am enjoying reading your blog and it makes me know there is hope for me. I am not rewired and your remark about feeling like you are in high school is great motivation to get this going. Thanks for posting.

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