• I thought I had super O’d. Today was something different.

    Been fighting something since Thursday. Sore throat, a little weak and some mild sinus stuff. Hadn’t been feeling aroused at all during this time. Woke up this morning feeling a little better and new I’d have some space this afternoon. Started playing with my nipples through the morning and got wound up pretty good. Even had a few Aless mini’O’s. Did this all morning.

    This afternoon, when I got my space, I started out with the Progasm lying on my chest, stretched out on the bed. Things took off about like normal, some little O’s after five minutes or so. Things got better, as usual. At an hour and forty-five minutes things had slowed down. I took out the Progasm and inserted the PS-New. This got things going again but not as good as the Progasm had been. After fifteen minutes took a break to pee then I was back to the Progasm. Never fails, after taking a pee things are VERY intense quickly when I get back to my session then they taper off, but don’t stop by no means.

    Had some new sensations with the Progasm today. Different “heat” and pressure build up in my groin. This would build and finally involve some of the nerves in my penis which led to some light pulsing like a traditional O, but not ejaculation (I’m never hard during a session). This would build until the heat and pressure seemed to focus to one small point about the size of a pea then WHAM!!! I was surprised I didn’t rip the top off the mattress. Kept getting these about every one to two minutes. Some MUCH better than others but most better than anything I’d had before.

    Last blog post I thought I was nearing a new level. Think I got there. What a ride!

    I think taking at least a day between sessions makes for better sessions. Two seems to be better still.


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