• Hiatus and the Arousal Problem (Sep 2019)

    I think I have reached a hiatus and can’t seem to derive a lot of pleasure from my Aneros recently. It feels dull if I’ve masturbated or had sex recently, or I get extremely overexcited without masturbation and sex, so I often end up masturbating instead, which loops back around.

    – If I try and hold back to not ejaculate for several days, I know the sessions can still be mind-blowing. But I get so aroused I am unable to work or study and end up watching porn and masturbating. There’s nothing else I can think about all day, except teasing myself and I cannot find enough time to have a lengthy Aneros session. I also have to think of ways to avoid ejaculating during sex.

    – If I ejaculate through sex with my partner or masturbation, I cannot reach the same level of satisfaction through prostate play for several days, even if I find time for it. I am either not interested or the sessions are dull.

    It is also difficult to learn to combine my solo sessions with regular sex with my partner, and that does not always go well. He is simply not interested in trying any toys (including Aneros) himself, and does not understand my desire to have solo sessions independently. I should be happy about that as in he only wants me when we have sex, but I have always been a more sexual person, and I am fascinated by Aneros and prostate play.

    What was your journey in learning to combine sex or masturbation and Aneros Use? And how do you deal with the refractory period that follows after ejaculating when it comes to prostate play? I suppose it is a learning experience to get to a place where I can rewire and combine both, or enjoy both without affecting the other.

    This is just one of those things that I haven’t yet mastered.

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