• Helix arrives

    My Helix Syn arrived today. I wasn't intending to use it today, but I got home earlier that I had anticipated )and didn't have to be in work the next morning until later on(, so I figured I had some time to give it a quick run. So much for making plans.
    My first impression is that the Helix was considerably smaller than I had anticipated. I was concerned I wouldn't feel much, especially compared to the much larger Vice. Insertion was very easy and I felt comfortable with it almost immediately. The P-tab is a bit more aggressive than the Vice, but I got used to that pretty quickly.
    I did the usual breathing exercises and warmups. Started with a low-level contraction as a baseline and experimented with different strength contractions. I only achieved a couple small orgasms during the session, but for the first time, I felt really strong P-Waves. )For me, they feel like a very pleasurable warm tingling, centered in my prostate area and extending as far up as my belly button and as far down as the inside of my legs just above the knee(. A couple times I felt the P-Waves trying to migrate to something stronger, but each time it fizzled out. Several times I tried to hold strong contractions, but only do so for a few minutes before fatigue set in. I felt if I could have held them longer, something may have occurred.
    I stopped around 1:30am, even though I was still thoroughly enjoying the sessions. It went far longer than I had planned and I did need to wake up the next morning )albeit a bit late(. I will almost certainly be trying it again when i get home from work )the next day(.

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