• Having hard time.

    I’m having a hard time with the rewireing process. Progress hash been slow it took me quite a while before I even noticed any sensations but things are slowly getting better. Hardest part for me is getting over the fact that I’m not guaranteed an orgasm at the end. But I realize that the traditional ejaculatpry orgasm doesn’t serve me nor satisfy me. I need something more and I want so badly to experience this. I’m frustrated with myself for being impatient. So in the meantime I’ll just keep going with this I’ll get there eventually. Anyway I’ve had some great sensations in this session. Just the feeling of the aneros in my ass feels good, I hope that if I tell myself it feels good, eventually it will be result in pleasure. I also felt some expansion and I’ve found the most comfortable positions are on my stomach and on my side. I’m trying really hard to stay positive I really want this! And this is the end of my blog post


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      12/07/2018at2:17 pm

      Be patient. You’ll get there and it will be worth the wait. I find morning sessions better. The later it gets in the day the less intense they become. Also, a lot of times it’s the longer sessions that bring the most reward. For me one to two hours is what it takes to get to the really sweet spot. Sometimes when sessions start losing steam and I start getting the idea to quit, that is enough to crank things up again. Weird but it works for me.

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      12/12/2018at11:20 am

      Hey man, keep going at it and you’ll get there eventually. In the meantime, treat every session not as a wasted one but as some time alone to destress and relax.

      It took me 11 months to reach my first prostate based orgasm, but this is different for everyone. Things start slowly and after a certain point everything just clicks into place.

      You can try switching things up to use a model for a couple sessions then swap to a different one. I find that the break in between helps to refresh things so you dont get tired of the same model.

      I guess what helped me alot was to really be receptive to the pleasure and subtle movements. You could look into nipple diddling or caressing different parts of the body if you haven’t done yet. Some audios work really well although some may dictate the pace and be counterproductive.

      Try not to control the Aneros or pc muscles too much. The mental state comes first before the Aneros, not the other way around.

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