• good vibes

    Have been having a few more experimental sessions with the vibrating beads and tonight I managed to find the best position to use the vibrator,on my back with with knees bent but legs spread and a cushion under my bottom and with 2 beads inserted and the third just outside my sphincter and fourth and battery pack outside I found this was the right counter balance weight to start the contractions the vibrator sent on slowest speed got me started slowly tickling the prostate then it started to feel like it wasslowly moving in and out I had a mirror and actually checked to see if what i felt was happening was and the 3rd gead was sliding slowly in my spincter I laid back and let go, the vibrating and the sliding was getting wild I was in rapture wave after wave then orgasm after orgasm over and over then i laid there and the vibrations would ignite it over and over until I felt the 3rd bead suck right in and nail me into a super o and it kept happening deep breaths then bliss and quiet rapture then bang heart rate up whole body taught bliss .I’ve had super o’s before but never like these they were bang then bliss with silence and then from nowhere bang bliss rapture like the quiet before a storm in between each one ,I must have been in a daze almost a trance as I thought it had been a good 30 mins since the orgasms started but after I managed to stop it was 2 hours later than i thought .

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