• Good session

    Took about 10 minutes to get going but it got really good, really fast. I’ve stopped starting on my back. Starting out face down just works. Didn’t stop because I wanted to. I had things I had to get taken care of. The way things were progressing though I probably could have kept going another hour and found another universe.

    Something I found out. If you want something to stimulate your nipples go find some “Bio-Freeze” in the roll-on bottle. It’s like the old Ben-Gay for sore muscles just more potent. Roll this onto your nipples and rub it in. It’s awesome! A small touch on your asshole, like using the residue on your fingers after rubbing it into your nipples, brings on some interesting sensations. I wouldn’t go much heavier than finger residue.



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      10/30/2018at7:53 pm

      Hey fellow anerosan: I read your comment on wetdreams latest blog post. My wife is the exact carbon copy of your wife. Never initiated in her life. It is just a passing fantasy of mine for her to do so.

      You are young bro. At 59 I was supercharged like you. I would encourage you to continue initiating because there is an intimacy in intercourse from our penises as men in our wives vagina that gives us worth and feelings like nothing else in our marital relationships. You describe your wife as glowing for days. That for me would be enough to initiate forever. Seems to me that the benefits of intercourse for both you and your wife would far outweigh shutting intercourse with her down because of her attitude on initiating. I myself love to get my wife turned on and hot and bothered and bring her to orgasm, mostly these days by manual or oral stimulation to clit.

      As a guy some 13 years older than you whose erections were greatly diminished by a heart attack three years ago, I would encourage you to make the most of intercourse while you are still young and potent. Your sexual powers may not always be what they are at present.

      Like you, I am a young 72 and in the gym body building and forestalling age as much as I can. Still, I miss tremendously the thrill of orgasm in my wife in intercourse and would hope that you never get where I am. That is why I am taking this time to say to you that if you are able to initiate and you see the benefits that you have described in your glowing wife, overlook her failure to initiate and blow her circuits with your potent dick and your acquired sexual abilities from all your time in making love together. I wish I had your situation.

      Thanks also for the tip on biofreeze. I may check that out. Could you tell us about the details of it being AWESOME on your nips and A hole????? What exactly does it do???

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      10/30/2018at8:15 pm

      The Bio-freeze is hot and cold at the same time. Makes my nipples hard and provides stimulation without having to touch them. It’s good for about 15 minutes. Better effect without a shirt on as the slightest breeze makes it that much cooler. On my Ahole it’s the same hot and cold but it travels up my perineum. Got to try it to experience it. A full load on the ahole may just be too much! Never tried it, but might.

      Nothing exceeds like excess!


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