• Going A-less, First success

    16 JUN 2014.
    Going on two years since I discovered the Helix Syn and 18 months since my first really rewarding session, I had been noticing posts by some of the veteran users about their being able to achieve the deep, full bodied pleasure of Aneros device use without the device. This has become my goal over the past few months. Over the past few weeks, I had begun a three session a day prostate exercise protocol downloaded as an app on my smartphone. Basically it is a combined BC and PC exercise program that anyone who has begun to use Aneros devices will have done in preparation. I had checked a few times to see if at any time during these 5 minute sessions, I was feeling any of the "tingling" or hints of pleasure I was getting routinely with my Helix Syn use, but nothing. A week ago, on a business trip, I got a Progasm, Jr., to see if it's effects were different from my consistently good results from the Helix Syn. Well, my four sessions with the PJ have been great to phenomenal. And then, with a thought to whether the PJ's effects would make my Helix Syn useless, I went back to it for a session, and, whadayaknow?, the HS performed admirably, with a different, intense and worthwhile pleasure filled two hours.
    Coming home on a 10 hour flight, I fantasized about being able to have A-less session on the overnight flight. My sessions are mostly "do-nothing" and quiet, dreamy ecstacies, so I didn't really worry about making a totally embarrassing "scene", resolving to stop if I found myself "losing it". I tried to do some prostate exercises, with more concentration than usual, paying attention to any hints of success. But…I just fell asleep.
    My homecoming to my wife of 43 years was, as usual quite a pleasureable experience, as it has been since I began to "anerose". It followed a long day: arriving at 1pm local time, doing an exercise routine, showering and going to see the grandkids. We got into bed at about 10:30 and,well, got to know each other again…
    Afterwards, I kind of had trouble falling asleep )my wife konked out quickly(, and I began to slowly, and systematically contract my PC muscle, paying attention to the sensations. I alternated these not overly strong, slow contractions with contractions and releases of the BC muscles. At one point, I began to feel those "twinges" of pleasure and was able to pick up on them, and amplify them. I wasn't really doing the contractions anymore—it just felt as though I was. And instead of tensing the BC, I was kind of releasing it, almost as though I was going to pee. And then the involuntary contractions began, after about 15-20 minutes. The pleasure intensified and spread from my perineum throughout my body and I felt that wonderful floating pleasure. Several waves of pleasure, full bodied "P-waves" passed and I felt a Dry-O, followed by several more. It was amazing. I drifted off to sleep, woke about 30 minutes later and after doing a few more slow, easy PC contractions, felt the P-waves again. Just for good measure, I tried some low grade nipple stimulation )I favor just circling the two nipples with a finger( and wow, it kicked in "down there" just as if my device was inside. This continued till an herbal tea break at 3:30 and then I fell asleep for good till 7.
    So, I am anxious to see if I can repeat this, though I will probably wait a day or so to do so. I'm not so sure that I won't go back to the device )which one???( tonight, but the prospect of being able to get my prostate & Co. to respond without a device is a real turn on. I'll try to keep posting to this blog.

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