• gemi62

    i am a gay man, 53 y old, english is not my native language, for the moment happy single and important: till two months ago nearly no anal experience…
    Two months ago i discovered this website and was very impressed and excited about what i read. So i ordered the helix syn 5 weeks ago. And couldn’t wait to try it out and see if it was true what was written here. From the beginning i was very enthousiast because of the many good feelings that i discovered, no great things, just nice and also very comfortable (several times i felt asleep with the device in me and it didn’t disturb at all). One night i woke up with a big erection and very heavy involuntary contractions…felt so good, but except that there happened not much.
    But today on ascension day, it was really my ascension: i had a two hours session in the afternoon: a soon as i bring the helix in, i felt that it was different, immediatly involuntaries just by breathing very deep…the result was nearly two hours from the one orgasm in another, don’t know where they came from but the feeling moved in the whole area: my anus, my belly, my prostate….i couldn’t believe that this exist.
    After two hours i i have to force me to stop because i have some things to do. And with the good wether i decided also to make a trip with the bike.
    Afterwards i was so relaxed that i went to bed again, put the helix in and again a two hours session, even better then the first: involuntaries that leads to orgasmes for 30 seconds or more, i think i’ve got 10 orgasmes in that two hours, but also between the orgasms there was a very nice feeling, like i was orgasming in a light way.
    The whole time i lay on my left side, the left leg stretched, the right leg bended.
    I am afraid to become addicted….

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