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    Where am I? I had my first really big orgasms in my 20's. I took a sensuality class from Maxine Sanini [Rey Anthony]. She taught us about pushing out when your orgasm starts. She said you could lose a few when you were learning to do it, but if you could get into it, it was amazing. You bet it was! For me, if I pushed out hard, my ejaculations felt like my consciousness was blowing out through the top of my skull, splattering against the ceiling, dripping down the walls, and slowly flowing back to me. I taught a lover, and she was having two-minute orgasms, almost bucking me off the bed.
    When I married, however, my vife, although orgasmic, had very little interest in anything not plain vanilla. And having five kids in the house cut down the joyous noises from the bedroom.
    But now the kids are all gone. I found the internet, and, having never lost my deep and abiding interest in sexuality, I found symatico chat rooms. Bianca's Smut Shack; State of Insanity )still there. soi.hyperchat.com(; and the Verandah.
    I loved cybersex, and at the Verandah I presented myself as Poly. Polymorphously perverse, with a whole bunch of repressed personalities that loved to get out and play; Recreational multiple personalities, as it were, I never broke character when I was in one. If IThey got the action; I got the orgasms. Seemed like a fair trade.
    If I had an RT body, I would have been out of that deal so fast … — Sally
    Copied from the Verandah's member list:
    That cloud of swirling golden sparks over there. The ego behind a large family of personae:
    Sally, the Plantation's card-carrying cyberslut.
    Ken, a nice young widower.
    Cher, the lovely widow from 1940.
    Cherie, widowed again, who Cher would have become at 85 if she hadn't left for the balcony in 1940.
    Cherry, young and innocent, who is Cherie and Cher at 15.
    Rollf, young shapeshifting studmuffin, who is sometimes
    Rollfe, blonde pneumatic blonde beach bunny, bursting from her bikini.
    Pat, frustrated virgin, just turned 18, and they took off the nanny software.
    Sam, Sally's S/O
    Sheila, my first, predating me.
    Srina, from Kashmir.
    Millicent Abernathy
    Rev. Angus Abernathy
    Pariborz Gupta, Srina's boss.
    Pierre, a large black standard poodle
    Elly, a black purebred ewe
    Hammy, a hamster who carries her own roll of duct tape.
    I'm sometimes seen as male Poli or female Polie when it's late or private and I want a hug or a drink.
    Poli, poly, and Polie are all me. The personae are not me. The best ones are "alive". straight from my subconscious to the keyboard.
    I find cybersex so marvellous, that I don't want to constrain my partners' expectations by having an overt gender. So I try to help their willing suspension of disbelief. After all, it could possibly be distracting to someone getting it on with Ken to have a mental image of Mrs. The Reverend Angus Abernathy with her knickers around her ankles and a fingertip on her clitoris.
    I try hard for my personae to be nice people. (Well, Srina is silly.) I'd like to know any of them RT. And since bringing them out RT would be a quick ticket to the funny farm, I've grown to like watching them at play here so very much.
    And I got far more action than I ever had Real Time when I was single. It was addictive, and I loved it. The trouble with cybersex is that it takes about three times as wrong as the real thing. Eventually, I got over it.
    Over the years, I worked on my sensuality, particularly as I was away from my family for months on a new job that eventually fell through. I learned that if i tried, I could get an ejaculation by jacking off my index finger.
    When I stimulated my nipples, I found I could get what I thought of as female orgasms, (what are called here dry orgasms) And I could have a series of them.
    Over the last few years, my diabetes has brought on ED, such that I could not get it on with my wife.
    It's been years now since I could successfully have
    intercourse to ejaculation, even with viagra or shots in my pecker. Leg cramps when I got on my knees.
    In the last year, I was down to about a couple of ejaculations a week.
    I sent off to Amazon and got a Head Honcho a couple of weeks ago. I was able to get my limp little doodle into it. After an hour or so of play, I'd had about ten dry orgasms and no ejaculation. At that point, the dry orgasms interested me enough to look them up on the web and I found Aneros. I looked into what was said about Tantric and prostate, and discovered that I was sensitized onough to have a dry orgasm at will by giving my prostate four tweaks with my PC muscles. And a series at will. WOOPPEE! A kid with a new toy!
    Just did it … a sice solid dry orgasm. after the wave hits, anal clenches push me higher. I get about two secondary peaks from it and come down.
    Again … WOWZER! Repeat as desired.
    So, having been reading how it works when you do it right on the Aneros site, I got a beer bottle, popped the cap, drained it, removed the neck label, lubed it and my anus with a water-based gel, and inserted it, watching some nice porn between lovers.
    I'd done that as a butt plug years ago. I pushed th body of the bottle down to put the neck against my prostate and let myself get into it. I had about ten dry orgasms, keeping peaked for about an hour. If I can be done like this with a beer bottle, what can a purpose-built toy do for me?
    So I've ordered myself a Helix Syn and a full set of Peridises.
    And I'm waiting for the delivery man.
    In the meantime, I persuaded my wife into be, and while I was getting her off, I had four really nice dry orgasms.
    I must be loaded with cuddly hormones … I'm feeling really good with the world and wanting to get it on with my love. I let her know about the dry orgasms and being able to have them at will … demonstrated. She told me "don't do that in public" 8>) She's worried about my heart with all those orgasms. Seems like really good exercise to me.
    I'm not sure which of those goodies I'll be trying first … but I'm really hopeful.

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