• from Paradise Lost to Prostate Found

    Had my progasm about 4-1/2 months and started out with a dead ass – new to all things anal as far as my own butt …
    hot water soapfoam wash and soak for relaxation slow and gentle finger teasing allowing my sphincter to be more receptive – mastered the insertion/penetration bit and eventually learned to perceive pleasure as it enters although I continue to take it slow and easy as though I'm making love to my butthole
    … butt still never any pleasure from pressure on the prostate – initially unpleasant then improving to the point of merely distracting
    Then WHAM this past Saturday AM wakened about 2:30 or 3am alert and horny took a piss sat down on the bidet washed soaked and teased and slipped the lubed progasm into position went back to bed alternately wakeful and drowsy then progasm began moving inside sending waves of prostatic pleasure penis oozing precum pooling in my navel hardon jumping fuckin' felt stoned – had toked a little Friday night but over 8 hours previously – jeezus it went on and on like a masturbation edge but it was all deep inside i could feel the progasm moving deliciously against my prostate it was fuckin' heaven …
    no discreet mini-o's p-gasms just a fuckin' total high like going 35mph down a long long slope on my cannondale (a rare experience – no hills in FL) skydiving or riding a wave hangin' on its crest for a long ride bucking in the bed not outta control but humping up had to touch myself some then i blew a HOT searing ecstatic load after almost an hour cummin' down slowly slumbered again like a baby rested butt still aroused at 8am
    … needless to say it was a high point in my life and i'm finding my prostate a source of pleasure butt gotta be highly aroused to be in that place
    – rip

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