• Frenulum talk : Aneros session for Wednesday September 18

    Hi guys,

    I am so grateful that Aneros tech support has restored or is restoring our site problems of late. This site is laden with helpful information for Aneros newbies and long-time Aneros veterans as myself. Plus it fuels my Aneros adventures with a vibrant eroticism that makes me feel young when I have an Aneros session or tap into my Aless, day or night.

    This morning about an hour ago I had a session with MGX Classic and Helix Syn Classic. I value MGX for its ribbed stem which exercises my anal canal and musculature. I value Helix Syn for its sleek and velvety silicon. Both models fuel my vibrant Aless which lasts all day into nighttime hours when I diddle my nipples. Such powerful, sweetness!

    In recent weeks, there has been discussion on the value of having intact frenulum. Uncut guys not only have a foreskin, but also frenulum which connects with their Glans. The Glans of course is chock full of sensitive sensations which give the male sexual sweetness when he has sex or masturbates. But the foreskin and certainly the frenulum both have sensitivity of their own which enhances sexual contact and the sweet power when they jack off.

    I have read reports about guys which intact frenulums. They say that the frenulum is very sensitive and regard it as a cock trigger, in that stimulating it will trigger their orgasm and ejaculation of semen! Many years ago, I had an affair with a Jewish guy who while circumcised had a fleshy frenulum and a huge Glans. I was still rather young and inexperienced not to “play” with a frenulum and Glans. I mean I didn’t take advantage to nibble or chew on his frenulum and really explore his Glans with my tongue and mouth while sucking him off. I regret missing greatly this golden opportunity.

    There are various Aneros directions for us that urge guys new to the Aneros to focus on gaining facility in using the Aneros. Hence nipple diddling or playing with his frenulum and Glans may distract him on focusing on his Aneros experience. He should remember Penis Not. However later on playing with his frenulum and Glans during sessions may fuel his Aneros experience and his overall sexual experience. Also as he progresses in his sessions, he will experience Aless. Then he can play with his nipples, frenulum, and Glans certainly at night in bed when there are few distractions.

    I thank @Harper, who has an intact frenulum and the fun has with it when diddling, has caused me to think more deeply about frenulum and Glans play in Aless! All so sweet!


    • Avatar for Harper


      09/18/2019at6:31 pm

      @BigGlansDC. Thank you BG, you are more than welcome. So much to explore and learn of the sweetness that Aless can provide.

    • Avatar for jiianglui


      10/18/2019at3:49 am

      NIce post…

    • Novice60

      11/29/2020at6:47 pm

      @BigGlansDC, your coaching is helping make my circumcise frenulum more sensitive. Last might was a real breakthrough, thanks for the tips

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