• Fourh Session

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    Thanks to all who read my "journal" of progress.
    I Just finish my fourth session: I must admit, I can't wait a day for using again my aneros device.
    This time I focused much more to internal and anal sensation.
    I will not explain this time all I did just told you in the past. I must say that I never found me moaning in this mode: I got a couple of orgasm, strange and dry orgasm, with my penis become erect during the period and then relaxed after.
    And this time the p-tab was just a little bit more confortable… you are right rumel
    To all of you, thanks and Happy "O"
    >> Update after the night <<
    I Would like to do an update to this post because this morning I found my muscle, in particular in the legs, very tired. I Think I "MUST" do a stop for a couple of days. In fact yesterday evening I was seeking for new sensation and the expectation was more than what I finally realised.
    The Important thing that I found yesterday is:
    The amount of Lubrification should be greater than the past I put on the device. This allow the aneros to slide in and out easily also after 30/40 minutes of session.
    I found the right balance between anal and pc muscle contraction. This was really pleasant because "I Feel" the prostate touched by the aneros.
    I reach a couple of time a sort of "internal" orgasm. It's a sensation the give me a thrill expanding from inside my dick to the whole body. My dick in this phase expand and become erect.
    Probably, for reasons regarding my muscle writed up, I don't have legs or low waist involuntary shaking.
    Another strange thing that happend this morning is that I feel a tingling and hot sensation in my pelvic area, with a slight sense of arousal.
    >> End of the Update <<

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