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    So the past few weeks, I have actually had some time to myself to explore my body with the aneros. And with that, great results have happened.
    I have achieved some great orgasms with the use of my progasm. I don't know if I would classify it as a "super-o"…but holy crap did it feel amazing.
    A big part of this is listening to my prostate and finding out what is wants. If it doesn't want to be played with…I leave it alone. I can tell because it is not active during that day. I rarely will have spasms during the day, and more often it just wants a rest.
    But…when it wants to be played with…it doesn't leave me alone. Almost every step I will take will send tingles up my spine and abdomen. One days like this, I know that it wants an aneros session.
    On these days, sensations start right from insertion and build into his orgasmic bliss. There was one night where I was home alone where I literally was crying out because it felt soooo good. I laid on my stomach and just let the progasm got at me. I felt like I was on the verge of cumming for close to 5 minutes. After I came down from that…the waves were less intense, but still amazing.
    Today I had a short but amazing session. My prostate was begging to me again, and I rode my progasm for about 45 minutes with some explosive results. I had to keep quiet as my room mate was home, but it was very hard. I am looking forward to another session like this later this week.
    I feel I have come a great distance on my journey. My next step is to see if I can get my partner to ride as well. He has expressed interest, but he is a little frightened. I'm hoping to break his mindset and get him to ride as well.

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      10/20/2013at11:02 pm

      Excellent eh!!! Thrilled for you!! He just needs time and some gentle experimentation/exploration. All the very best to/for you both!!

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