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The Public MUST know the benefits

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Let me start by saying Aneros products are FANTASTIC, and if you don't have one, you need to buy one.  Don't have the money?  Sell something else, and make it happen.  It's that important.

I feel like there needs to be a public marketing campaign to alert men to the fact that these things exist.  If you've had a Super Orgasm, you know what I mean - it changed your life.  You didn't know your body could do that.  In fact, I believe most men die without knowing their bodies could do that.  That needs to change.

I was apprehensive about putting anything in my butt because I was under the assumption that anal pleasure for a man came entirely through the mental act of submission to another man through domination.  Not being gay, I never had the urge to submit to anything/one penetrating me, nor did I understand the prostate as a pleasure-producing organ.  How would any straight man, who has only had penile orgasms, know?  He wouldn't.

Having a Super Orgasm teaches you about how your body perceives pleasure, and how much of it IS actually mentally induced.  Once you understand that, and are in tune with your body, you understand how powerful of a "toy" these Aneros products really are.

Prior to ever putting anything in my butt, I had a lot of sex - hundreds of different girls. I'm somewhat of a sex addict (if you're reading this, you probably understand).  At times, you don't always perform at your peak.  You may not even know this if you don't have a lot of sex, but your body gets accustomed to it, like anything else.

Though my dick wasn't, my butt was definitely virgin.  I had a hard time inserting the Helix Syn Trident at first, and now I regularly use the Vice 2 (much larger).  At first there was a little pain, maybe some aching pain up to a day after a long session, but that was probably due to never having had anything up there, especially for a long time. Use lots of lube.

After regularly using both the Helix Syn Trident and the Vice 2 for about 8 months, I can confidently say my penis works 100% better than it did just prior to having tried an Aneros toy.  I can get rock hard (feels like my penile skin is going to split), and nearly have a prostate orgasm without even having anything in my butt!  It almost feels like I discovered the orgasm again for the first time.

After doing some reading, I discovered this renewed sexual energy is probably due to increased blood flow through my prostate brought on from regularly using the Aneros toys.  Think about it: there is a ball of tissue (your prostate) you don't usually feel, can't reach, never think about, and that is responsible for nearly all of your sexual processes... It could probably use some attention every now and then. If you had a muscular knot in your back your entire life, and someone finally massaged it, it would probably be life-changing.  Well, so is this, but in a more material way.

I honestly feel like there needs to be a national/world-wide awareness program to market these "toys" to men, not only for their pleasurable effects, but for their life-changing ability to recondition a man's sex life without resorting to pharmaceuticals and unnatural methods.

These things are insanely good, and more people (as in everyone) needs to know about them and the benefits of using them.

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SDJ2020, very well said and I couldn't agree more. However, we must recognize that turning a culture's sexual morés is a slow process that may take generations to accomplish. In the meantime, information resources such as this Forum are advancing the cause. I invite you to read and contribute to the thread Ideas for Spreading the Word... It's an excellent location to add your thoughts about disseminating information about Aneros usage and demystifying anal/prostate play.

Good Vibes to You!

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Hear ye, hear ye! 🙂


Posted by: @sdj2020market these "toys" to men”

“Everything else is a toy!” 😉

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@SDJ2020, rereading your post, I couldn't hold back from reposting it to let more people read your praise. As rumel already wrote, I too couldn't agree more. I've already created a mantra I wouldn't mind to use for your "national/world-wide (prostate) awareness program":

We (men) are prostate.

Resistance is futile.

Let's add:

May the bliss be with you!

Best wishes!


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@sowithoutaneros, Great to see you back; it's been a while!


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Much of the opposition to anal eroticism is from religion, and some is from homo-phobia. The reasoning is that the rectum is not designed for sexual pleasure, but for bodily waste elimination. But, our Creator had no qualms about the penis performing both urination and sexual functions. And, the science speaks for itself, ano-rectal eroticism exists in many persons, including men. The presence, function, and location of the prostate gland is the reason for this. And, did the Creator put this capability in man, only to forbid its use totally? 

It is so ironic that it takes courage (aka guts, aka balls - considered a masculine virtue) for men to admit the potential for this, which is fundamentally feminine. Anal eroticism implies at least the potential for physical enjoyment of homosexual penile penetration, whether this is actually practiced, or not. Of course, for many heterosexual men, the emotional and/or affectional enjoyment potential for intimacy with another male is weak or non-existent. For this reason, anal eroticism doesn't necessarily lead to bisexuality. 

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Posted by: @sdj2020

@disco-inferno My view is that if God put a prostate in our bodies just to trip us up and send us to Hel


what ever gave you that idea. By your words, He did put it in us. You just happened to be one of the lucky ones to find out how it works. althuogh I am christion most my friends aren't. And they ain't  talkin about it, or putting anything up there ass..

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