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Well how about it? Poll is created on Jul 26, 2023

Poll results: Well how about it?
Voter(s): 2
Poll is created on Jul 26, 2023
Yes this is a problem and might bear looking into  -  votes: 1 / 50%
No leave everything the way that it is  -  votes: 1 / 50%

A moratorium on the necroposts?

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Perhaps I'm the only one bothered by this, I dunno, but I don't see necroposting as contributing anything to the conversation and it seems to be happening a lot.  I don't want us to appear to turn away people who have legitimate questions but wouldn't it be better to have said people create a new thread to ask something?  Honestly I don't see the point of a thread being bumped merely because someone, for example, wants to ask a question to an OP who no longer posts here in a thread that had its last reply a decade and a half ago.  I try my best to stay away from threads like that!

I'm not really sure if there is necessarily a clear-cut solution to this but I would like to acknowledge that it's a problem that keeps happening.  What about something like locking a post after a certain number of years with no reply, is that a legitimate response?  Heck I don't even know if that's possible.  I will say though that I don't think I've seen one rude reply to any of these and that makes me proud of you all. 

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