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Poll is created on Feb 07, 2016
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pee feeling

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How long does pee like feeling last




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What does that mean? What type of product are you using? And how old are you? How tall are you ? There are times even as I have used my tools that I have had to get up one or two times but that is when I drank too much caffeine or alcohol. But the normal size tools allow me to get prostate pressure not bladder at my height. So If you don't have other problems medically and you aren't drinking and you are over 5'7" then you probably are going through an adjustment phase to stimulus and will not feel those sensations for much longer

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The urge to urinate during Aneros usage is a pretty good sign your massager is making positive contact (applying pressure) with your prostate. Of course it can also mean you need to void your bladder, which you should have done prior to starting an Anerosession. The initial urge to urinate will most often abate within a few minutes after insertion of your Aneros if your bladder is already drained, however, if your bladder is partially filled, the added pressure being applied by your Aneros tool will very likely cause that sensation to continue for the duration of your session. Additionally, if you have intaken any liquids in the hour prior to beginning an Anerosession then you run the likelihood of having your bladder filling and also triggering those sensations.
Given these conditions, your poll question isn't really relevant as your sensations are more dependent on your current bladder state than any other factor. You are just as likely to incur those same sensations after 10 years of usage as during your first Anerosession.
Good Vibes to You !

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