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Retrograde ejaculation

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Hi I suffer from retrograde ejaculation issues and I am wondering if using one of the Aneros prostate massagers would be helpful in achieving an orgasm.

I do miss being able to ejaculate - I am 69 and have just had Rezum treatment for enlarged prostate


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Posted by: @muzza54
I am wondering if using one of the Aneros prostate massagers would be helpful in achieving an orgasm.

Yes and No. Aneros massager use may lead to powerful prostate based dry orgasms but may not help produce ejaculatory orgasms. It seems likely to me that if you are prone to retrograde ejaculations then Aneros use is not likely to alter that pattern. Many men have never achieved HFWO's from Aneros use even if they don't suffer from retrograde ejaculations.

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Thank you for posting about this topic and your surgery, called Rezum, for enlarged prostate.  Several years ago, I was diagnosed with enlarged prostate or BPH.  I peed too frequently, like 12 - 14 times a day.  My prostate was XL, like 94 grams (vs. 25 or 30 for a normal one).  Like most men, I was hesitant to 1) take Rx's, 2) have surgery.

Like everything else, I decided to try physical therapy - strengthen the pelvic floor, and start massaging the prostate with a hands-free device.  That's when I learned about Aneros (Helix Syn V owner and really like it)

Bottom line:  I ended up choosing the HoLEP (enucleation) surgery to reduce my size.  Prior to surgery, I also did acupuncture and Chinese herbs - reduced the prostate to 70 grams - good progress but not enough for the XL size prostate in my body.

I was warned about retrograde ejaculation.  I was concerned about that, so I spoke with my wife about that because we enjoy our sexual fun, and I loved to shoot cum on and in her body.  She liked it too, but said that we will deal with it and I will have less clean up.  

So, I did the HoLEP surgery a year ago.  It has been a long road to hoe for the frequency.  But I did a urination diary recently and am averaging 8 times a day, huge progress.  And my wife discovered the perineum (she does not like going into my anus, some women are like that!)  She is practicing new sensual touching with me and it is fabulous.  Also, I am still dripping pre-cum, but not shooting big loads and she loves it.  I do seep out cum a few minutes after orgasm.  She thinks my orgasms are more intense and longer since the surgery. 

As a reference, I read this article to find out more about the Rezum procedure vs. enucleation.


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