Was that a Super O?
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Was that a Super O?

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I've been using Aneros Toys for a long time. I think I bought the first Helix when I was 20 years old. I am now 35 years old and own the Progasm, Helix Syn Blue, Maximus, Eupho, and the Progasm Jr.

I have experimented again and again over the years but lost patience and interest due to lack of success.

It was probably because I tensed all the muscles in the anal area with all my might. Recently I have found that the doing nothing method works well for me. I inserted the Helix Syn one evening and did nothing. At some point muscle contractions began, which increased my pleasure almost to the point of explosion. I felt something like an orgasm building deep in my pelvic region. Suddenly I felt a warm feeling in my groin area that radiated throughout my body. The feeling was so indescribable that I almost screamed at the whole house. Unfortunately, I was never able to reproduce this great feeling.

I would say that I have had the best success with Helix Syn so far. 

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There's not enough information to go on, for an external party to tell you whether it was a Super-O or not. But it's also up to you, to name your peak experience, and decide if it's worth following. If you want to call it a Super-O, then I don't think anyone would disagree. By my definition, an orgasm feels like an orgasm, no matter what else happens.

What has kept me going over the years was not a small handful of experiences, but a consistent "ride" that spans many levels of possible intensity. If you used it a lot after that screaming session and got nothing but crap, I can't blame you for losing patience with it.

I think it's possible to establish a base-line level of enjoyment in sessions, that makes its continued use worthwhile. And it's within that longer time-frame of practice, that you develop a more consistent response. You also need to be able to throw away the things you think you've learned, and start again with a naive mindset, because maybe that mindset was the key in the first place.

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I think everyone super O could be different based on personality. If you look thru my first super O and best super O thread there is heaps of different tales.

I feel it is as the pleasure energy that builds up in the prostate (starts to buzz faster and faster faster) and then I am able to flick it over my body with a big contraction. Then the pleasure just sits thru my entire body for as long as I can ride it. I have had times where I felt I was floating thru space and not even in bed for 30 min + of pure pleasure and no care in the world.

The part about doing nothing works best for me. I once read a great quote that the prostate is a sponge and you are trying to absorb the pleasure but when you squeeze it is like you are ringing a sponge and all the water (pleasure leaves) so its best to let it build as long as you can before you ring it out.

I noticed this when i took thc the first time. The aneros is already touching the prostate so why am I squeezing it harder. 

Think of it like a female orgasim you don't jack hammer it out of them. You build it slowly.

The other part is trying to ignore the penis. Too many times I will have great pleasure in the prostate and I keep thinking about cummin and the penis... but it's a prostate orgasim not a penis one.

Just a couple thoughts of things that may help you.

As for everyone is different I once had a session where I felt like a vacuum cleaner was above me and just sucking the pleasure out of my groin area. Like the best BJ I have ever had x50. This slowly moved up my body and over my head. Felt as if my soul was gonna be sucked out of my face. I stopped the session right away as I was freaked but looking back I was I kept going as I have never had anything near that again.

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