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Ultimate relaxation
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Ultimate relaxation

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Hey so I've been a user of aneros now for a few years on and off.  I am still experiencing new sensations!  My last session was beautiful.  I have very tight anus, I used the Eupho.  I was so relaxed  after a very comfortable insertion I lay back and waited, focusing only on the feeling, I could hardly feel anything inside me.  Very quickly I began to feel only my prostate. And I mean ONLY!  It was like my mind was being massaged by the aneros and not my prostate.  it was absolutely bliss, no crazy orgasms or anything like that.  Just complete relaxing pleasure in my mind.  I had no other feeling in or around my body, it was like there was a direct connection straight to my prostate. My prostate was literally in my head. Wow!  Mind+Prostate only,  has anyone experienced this before?  I can't stop thinking about it. 

I ended by clenching by butt cheeks which got me thrusting uncontrollably and teasing my cock slowly by hand I ejaculated so hard!

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I probably have, a lot of sessions are hard to remember.

I used to play around with trying to move sensations/energy up my body, and have on a few occasions felt the primary pleasure was occurring in my head. I think I stopped doing that because people were warning against kundalini syndrome, and also because I took to using THC in my sessions, which pretty much switched off my ability to apply thought to my sessions in real-time.

It is amazing though, the landscape of possibility.

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