is the vice 2 okay ...
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is the vice 2 okay for shower use?

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i bought a vice 2 a month ago,and this toy does look like it at least splash proof by the look how it is charged,'obviously not the remote and that isnt the question'i used various water proof sex toys in the past and all of them who were waterproof had this charging output on the toy the magnetic one,the question is can i use the vice 2 in the shower for an extended time?

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According to the user manual:

5) VICE 2 is water (splash) resistant so it can be used in the shower and washed over a sink. Never bathe with the VICE 2 or submerge it in water.


Be careful with the lube... if the shower is slippery it could be dangerous...

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Wait, the Vice 2 isn't even WATERPROOF?  Man this would be a dealbreaker for me!  How the hell do you even CLEAN IT?  I'm glad I know this, guess it won't ever be on my want list and frankly I'm surprised it's so popular!

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