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1st Ride of the Helix Trident Syn

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I've been feeling a bit down recently, due to lockdown and being confined to home. What better way to cheer myself up than with a couple of new Aneros's to bring some cheer into my life?

I ordered the Helix & Eupho Trident Syn's.

The original Helix Syn is my favourite followed in close second by the Eupho Syn so I was intrigued to see if there really was a noticeable difference in the trident versions.

First to arrive was the Helix, the Eupho is due to arrive today (I'll let you know how I get on this that).

It's been talked about on other posts about your prostate 'calling you' I also experience this, it's like a dull throb tempting me, inviting me for a session, It's the sign of good things to come.

After a shower, douche and lubing up I settled onto the bed, on my back with my feet flat on the mattress, a couple of pillows under my back & butt. I then relaxed and concentrated on my breathing, deep inhale through the nose and hold for eight, slow exhale through the mouth again for eight seconds, and repeat, after fifteen minuets of this I inserted the Helix, I should say I'm also viewing some soft core erotica (mainly solo videos of Erica Fontes, she's well worth a Google, if your that way inclined!). 

So here's the revelation: The Trident feels so different, almost if it's not even there, like its suspended within my ass. I'm still getting the delicious sensations as I would with the regular Helix but can hardly feel its in there, its as if its floating inside of me.

Signs of good things to come begin with a tightening on my abdomen and a dull ache radiating from my groin, I notice if I hold my legs in a more vertical position the sensation intensifies, I keep doing this whilst enjoying the moment. My legs start to gently quiver, building in resonance as I relax into it, by now I'm totally in 'the zone' and going with the flow, allowing the massager to do its thing.

A diddle with my erect nipples takes things to the next level and pushes me towards my first dry O, this continues for the next four five minuets, with wave after wave of sheer pleasure. Towards the end of the session I've been whipped into a sexual frenzy, my saliva has a familiar tang to it, I only ever get this when I'm at my most turned on, I can feel something building, I let it wash over me, by now my hips are gently and rhythmically gyrating, not by me but involuntary as if controlled by the Aneros. 

My body tenses, my muscles contract and my breathing quickens, my hips are now quivering like crazy. I feel my prostate buzzing and a surge of energy traveling up from the base my cock, I look down to see cum pouring out from the tip of my cock, I cum in bucket loads!

This is very unusual for me to have a HFWO, maybe it was the excitement of the new toy?

One thing is for sure it looks as if the Helix Trident Syn is going to become a regular player in my Aneros sessions, loved my first ride with it.

Happy Riding.



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nice to read about your hfwo with aneros trident syn. I like to have also hfwo for many years but it never happens. Only oozing  precum. I recorded some sessions myself and put it on xtube. camcumhandsfree is my account name! I also have skype for duo cam session with aneros. Sky pe bestofholland!

Did you record your hfwo? Really like to see what happens during your session and how the hfwo was going.

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