• Follow your Aneros auto-fuck wherever it leads you! : Saturday morning session, June 15

    Hi guys,

    This morning I had a thoroughly satisfying session with Maximus and Progasm Ivory which lasted about an hour.

    I hadn’t any session since Wednesday morning when I tried Maximus and Progasm Classic which produced a session which bordered on the mediocre. Then early yesterday morning Friday while running an errand in the business district of my neighborhood my right hip experienced some pain. I wanted to run this errand before a hot spell begins today and continuing until Wednesday.

    I decided to go to bed at my usual time last night at 10 p.m. I wore my BIKE CUP Supporter Unit no. 85. This jock cup fits me like a sock. It lulled me to sleep as I diddled my nipples which was so sweet. Fortunately last night’s sleep lessened almost to nothing my painful right hip.

    I woke up the 5 o’clock hour and showered and shaved. I also shaved my scrotum. Athletes wearing athletic cups regularly shave their nuts in order to prevent the discomfort of testicle hair pulls.

    Afterward I went out to get coffee and a blondie at our neighborhood 7 Eleven. I regaled in how my BIKE CUP cradled my “junk” so sweetly. That in itself as always is powerful foreplay!

    @smaster with his Progasm Classic auto-fucking him inspired me this morning in my session. So did @awired50 with his using Progasm Ivory which Aneros Inc no longer manufactures due to structural weaknesses. The feel of Progasm Ivory lies between the sleek feel of Progasm ICE and the robust feel of Progasm Classic.

    Normally I use a smaller Aneros model, even Maximus, to “open” me up before using the Progasm in a session. I really enjoyed how the Progasm Ivory settled in around my prostate this morning. Auto-fuck action also began which produced lots of pleasure. When faced with an Aneros auto-fuck, try to follow it wherever it move lead you. The same can be set about experience Super-O’s. See if you can follow them as long as possible, like a bronco rider at a rodeo! Who knows, you may come to experiencing MMO’s! This is what I want to know.This is what I am aiming for!

    Right now as I type this, I am experiencing Aless without compare! Take care!

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