• First time and beyond

    So my journey began about 6 years ago. When I purchase my original model, I was much younger and had tried to achieve something with the original helix without much success. I was very impatient, and not really knowing what I was looking for. Plus, this was before the creation of this site, YouTube. Xtube, etc…so the resources were not out there. In moving to school, and everything else, my aneros found its way out of my life for a little bit.
    Flash forward about 6 years. I was now in my mid twenties and much more established. I had come out of the closet, and had been with my boyfriend for about 3 years at this point. We would, still make random trips to the adult store to look for videos and toys we can use to spice up our less life. On one trip, I noticed that the helix and programs were on sale. I persuaded him to purchase both to try out. He can have a difficult time bottoming sometimes, so I thought this might help "open his eyes". I told him this was something I tried a while back, and thought it might be something worth while.
    We used the aneros that night just playing around with each other. Great session, but not this "super-o" I had been dreaming of. I knew I would need to find some "me" time to get the hang of this.
    I've always been really turned out by my own private jack off sessions. I love sex with my partner, but my own time allows me to focus on me and me alone )call it selfish if you may(. Many times, I haven't had the time to just relax and really relax and let the aneros do it's work.
    Now, when we play together, I really don't do the whole relax and focus thing. I know that the orgasms I have with him are amazing when I use the aneros. However…
    One night, while really playing by myself. I came the closest I ever have to some sort of different feeling. My body was shaking and it felt AMAZING! My owns downfall was that penis was flapping around and really getting stimulated. I ended up cumming loads of cum, but it felt just like a regular orgasm.
    Still…while I can derive lots of pleasure from the aneros…,I don't think I have found the super-o. One of the things I have yet to to try was sleeping with it in. I plan to do that very soon. I can derive little bits of pleasure through kegels without the aneros…so I feel like that is progress there.
    Last night, I was particularly horny, but did not have the time to try a session. So I snuck into the bathroom to slip in the helix. I went about the rest of my chores last might and found little bits of pleasure here or there. It's a shame, because I felt that if I had the time…something great would have happened.
    I feel good about joining this community, and hoping some of you can help me get closer to that mind blowing super-o. I will keep you posted on my next attempt and try some new things. Really excited to start anew from here!

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      07/31/2013at1:18 pm

      Welcome aboard!! Aneros has the potential to add so much for you both!! Happy to chat whenever we can, share experiences and techniques with aneros. All the very best!!

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