• First time


    Inspired by the many guides and helpful readers there seems to be out there, I thought I might document my ongoing experiences with the MGX.

    So far, there's very little to document, I received it this morning and was keen to try it out, having read about the possibilities of a 'Super O' etc. My anal play has been very limited thus far, with just an occasional finger and an anal wand once or twice, neither being particularly satisfying.

    I found insertion relatively easy, I used copious amounts of Aqua Glide anal lube and it slipped inside nicely. At first the positioning was wrong as the bit that should push into my perineum was off to one side. I removed the MGX, and repositioned it easily. I found that lying on my back, knees bent was the easiest way to go, even though the instructions suggest lying on your side.

    I can't say that I felt too much to be honest. Although certainly not uncomfortable, I did have a constant urge to defacate, reading through the posts here, it seems I just have to become accustomed to the MGX inside me. These posts are so helpful for tips like that, I was concerned that maybe this just wasn't going to work for me.

    I think the big mistake I made was that I wasn't aroused, although there was much pre-cum oozing out of my penis, I never got remotely erect, or turned on. Again, thanks to this forum, it seems this may be also be a key to success.

    It seems that breathing is also a key, and something I'll have to work on, simply in and out doesn't seem sufficent!

    All in all, I expected nothing of this first attempt, I have read several times that it takes time and patience to achieve results. I am simply pleased that I managed to get it into my anus comfortably, and that I have a few suggestions to try next time.

    All comments, hints, tips and suggestions are welcome here if anyone reads this,

    Until next time,

    [I]peace, love and good happiness stuff[/I]

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