• First super o!!!

    After 17 months of regular use of the progasm I finally did it! Totally worth it! This was my first anal toy ever and it seemed like I would never unlock its secrets. It is only because of the promising accounts of experiences on the forum that kept me going, I always knew that is was simply a matter of practice and patience. It was only just last month that I began to coax great feelings out of my prostate regularly, it got better and better every session. I knew I was on the right track. Just last night I hit the milestone of getting dry orgasms, it made me very excited about my progress!
    Which finally brings me to tonight. I inserted my progasm, put on some porn, and laid on my left side with my knees up and together. I just relaxed and focused on any sensation I could get. I would clench my pc muscles lightly every few seconds in order to get things going. Soon I could feel the pleasure building. I assumed another dry o, but I’m glad I was wrong! Soon I found that this “ dry o” was lasting waaay too long, it dawned on me that I finally got the super! I just laid there enjoying every bit of friction my prostate was getting. There is one word I keep thinking of when I try to describe it: “exquisite” I never use that word but I feel like it totally fits the sensation. After about 3 minutes I come back down, but instead of a feeling of “completion” I get from an ejaculation I am totally ready for more.
    I do a little bit more pc muscle flexing, being careful never to clamp down too hard or clench too quickly. I find that I am lightly clenching with about a two-mississippi gap between clenches, that’s my sweet spot. Soon, I get another super, and another, eventually like 8 more! They all varied in intensity and duration but they were all very nice! I was surprised how easily it was coming to me, like a light switch flicked on and was suddenly a master. Eventually I hit a lull my arousal level dropped under the plateau I was over for the last hour or so. I decided that was a good place to quit. I decided not to finish with an ejaculation, I knew I wanted to save my arousal for my next session!
    It amazed me that my journey lacked very many notable milestones and then I happened upon this roller coaster of a month! To anyone else who isn’t having success: patience! You’ll be glad you stuck with it!

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      01/11/2013at9:10 am

      Hi fapjack,
      I would like to congratulate you on your first Super-O's from using the Progasm!
      Like you, I am a loyal user of the Progasm which has taught me so much about Anerosing in the last few months!

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