• First session in 72 hours

    There is another level. I feel very close to it but cannot quite hit it.

    Having more full body O’s rather than just the groin / prostate centered ones. I think this is what the new round of trembling is building to.

    Things just felt awesome tonight. Took about ten minutes for the fun to start. It ebbed and flowed all session. When it ebbs I get up, take a pee break, then get back to it. This is usually followed with some pretty intense O activity.

    Starting to feel that energy radiate through my whole body now, toes, to scalp, to finger tips.

    Also, when having those O’s, smile. Be happy and thankful for the pleasure. I at least am finding it a VERY joyous experience.

    What is the next stop on the journey? I don’t know but I ain’t getting off the bus.


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