• First Session

    Although I’ve read into these, I was skeptical. My wife is up for whatever ‘play’ I’m desiring when it’s my body involved. (lol) To date, it’s been cool but I’ve wondered about more than just… her fingers. So, I went to a local establishment and a very nice young lady greeted me right away and was quite accepting of my interests and explained a ton to me during my visit. I met the manager lady briefly as well who also made a suggestion on my topic of interest.
    So, long story to get to this first session. I dispensed with the formalities I’ve ready about (bathing, relaxing, etc.) and just went for it. I may have been a bit eager – but after some lube, in it went. (I was in a sort of Japanese low kneeling stance during insertion.)
    I was surprised a bit about it not going full tilt, but just a bit shy. The curled ends didn’t rest up against my body as expected, in fact didn’t even make contact. Any further inward pressure did result in some pain and discomfort – so I quickly learned this must be where it is supposed to rest. Then I waited for a moment, tried to get a full experience, and then stood up. Upon standing, it felt really nice. I then began to walk out of the room and wow! The sensation while walking was incredible. Had it not been for the ‘won’t go all the way in situation’ I’d have gotten dressed and gone for a nice long walk. Instead, I decided to march around the house a bit.
    After about 10 minutes I decided I’d had enough for now and took a shower. My first session was nice, even better than expected maybe, but I don’t think I’m experiencing anything like some of the other writers and their accounts. I saw very little ejaculate and there was no orgasm. I’m eager to learn more and participate in one of the forums to get advice and hopefully achieve the full effect. It does sound like this isn’t a natural achievement, but one that takes effort, no? Again, hopefully I’ll find help in the forums.
    Best Regards.

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